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Wally’s Speedy New 50-Foot Yacht Can Soar Across the Seas at a Bonkers 50 Knots

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Wally’s newest vessel has filled a size gap in the fleet.

Christened the wallypower50, the 50-foot model sits squarely between the compact tenders and the larger motor yachts in the Italian yard’s lineup. It is bigger than the wallytender43 and wallytender48, but smaller than the wallypower58. As a result, it can be used as either a chase boat or a family cruiser.

“It is the ultimate example of the evolution of a species and it highlights once again that Wally remains several steps ahead of anything else on the market,” Wally’s managing director Stefano de Vivo said in a statement.

wallypower50 and the wallypower50 X

The wallypower50 and the “X” variant.

Launched today at the Cannes Yachting Festival, the newcomer has the same clean lines and deep-V hull of its larger predecessors but can be fitted with the wraparound fender of the smaller tenders “for those seeking more practical applications.”

Practicality is also central to the yacht’s layout. The aft deck is equipped with two separate sunbeds instead of a giant central sun pad to further maximize the amount of space. The deck is also fitted with wings that can open out to create an additional 65 square feet of room.

That’s not the only spot for lounging, either. The upper cockpit sports plush seating for eight, plus a couple of forward-facing bench seats that can accommodate four more seafarers. Below, the generous open-plan living quarters include a double bed, a large couch, and a bathroom with a separate shower. As Wally puts it, it’s the “ultimate weekender pied-a-terre.”


The wallypower50 with twin Volvo Penta IPS650s.

Wally Yachts

The yard also says that a Wally isn’t a Wally if it doesn’t perform on the water. To that end, the wallypower50 is equipped with twin Volvo Penta IPS650s that give it a top speed of 36 knots and a range of 240 nautical. The more potent “X” variant packs quad 400 hp Mercury outboards that allow the yacht to hit an exhilarating 48 knots at full tilt and maintain the same range. Thrillseekers can also opt for a “Racing” configuration with 500 hp Mercurys that can push the vessel to speeds in excess of 50 knots, though its range does drop down to 180 nautical miles.

Perhaps the newcomer has filled a speed gap, too.

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