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Toyota’s New Kayoibako Electric Van Concept Is as Customizable as You Need It to Be

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Toyota wants to change the way that people think about and use their EVs.

The Japanese auto giant has just unveiled a head-turning concept called the Kayoibako that will be on display at its Japan Mobility Show booth in Tokyo later this month. The battery-powered vehicle is a boxy van designed to be as modular as possible.

Toyota says its new concept represents the “Future of Cars.” That’s a big claim, but the Kayoibako does at least look nice—if a little familiar. The van has a sleek minimalist design similar to that of the upcoming Canoo Lifestyle Vehicle. There are some key differences, though. Toyota’s EV has sharper and more pronounced lines, a steeper slope to its front windshield and a more elaborate LED lighting package. Standing six feet tall and 13 feet long, it’s basically a more stylish take on the microvans that have been a fixture on Japanese roads for decades now.

The Toyota Kayoibako concept being loaded with cargo

Toyota Kayoibako Concept


Where the Kayoibako really distinguishes itself is its interior. The concept takes its name from the configurable containers used to safely and efficiently transport parts between facilities in Japan, according to a press release. Because of this, the EV’s single-seat cabin was designed to be customized in any number of ways.

The brand says the van can be equipped with additional seating, shelving, and other hardware so that it fits nearly any need. The renderings accompanying the announcement show it being used as a camper van, a delivery van, a mobile store, and a compact shuttle bus. It also offers easier access for wheelchair users as well, helping make transportation more accessible.

The Toyota Kayoibako concept configured for wheelchair transport


It’s unclear if Toyota has any plans to put the Kayoibako or anything like it into production anytime soon. But with the vehicle’s attractive design and ultra-versatile cabin, it wouldn’t be a complete surprise if there’s interest in the van both at home and abroad.

Click here for more photos of the Toyota Kayoibako.

The Toyota Kayoibako Concept in Photos


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