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Tie Your Wardrobe Together With These Woven Wedges And Espadrille Flats

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When it comes to espadrilles, it doesn’t take long to learn the ropes: The Summer shoes are defined by woven jute platforms (Simple, right?!). And from there, the opportunities for different designs are endless.

We love espadrilles, and for good reasons; they are lightweight, breathable, and comfortable by nature. Reminiscent of seaside strolls and relaxing days by the pool sipping Sangria, the espadrille radiates timeless European summer style, making it one of our favorite ports of call for warm-weather vacations. Summer after summer, we (and our feet) are grateful for this roped-sole wear-all-day shoe.

While braided flats are the ultimate summer shoe, woven wedges are some of the most comfortable heels for whimsical weddings. Raffia sneakers give casual chic a whole new meaning. Gucci jute marries the inherent glamor of the designer label with the relaxed nature of the Spanish shoe. And a favorite of Kate Middleton, the Castaner Carina is effortlessly elegant.

Yep, espadrille styles come in many shapes and sizes, yet they’re all woven together by a single thread—a plaited straw platform. And it is this platform from which to springboard your Summer style this season.

Not convinced yet? Our top espadrille picks are sure to rope you in

Luxe Heroes: Refined renditions of a relaxed sole

Best Overall:
Best Luxury:
Best Value:
best espadrilles women koio tula - Luxe Digital best espadrilles women gucci leather platform - Luxe Digital best espadrilles women castaner carina - Luxe Digital
Our rating 4.9/5 4.7/5 4.7/5
Price $190 $820 $150
Our verdict Carefully handcrafted, stylishly versatile and incomparably comfortable. Effortlessly elevated, if we’re going to treat ourselves, this is how we plan to do it. Kate Middleton approves, and so do we.
Craftsmanship 100% 100% 90%
Design 100% 100% 100%
Function 100% 100% 100%
Impact 95% 90% 80%
Value 95% 80% 100%
Get best deal Get best deal Get best deal

Why you can trust Luxe Digital? The espadrille has been one of the basic backbones of our footwear wardrobes for years now, right alongside preppy flats, minimalist sneakers and comfortable pumps. Like all our favorite pairs, we don’t just talk the talk. We walk the walk. We personally tried most of the espadrilles on our list, and for those we couldn’t get our hands on (feet into), we researched thoroughly, paying careful attention to unbiased customer reviews. 

See how we test products and learn more about our HAPPY philosophy (read: Honorable Craftsmanship, Aesthetic Design, Positive Impact—on People and the Planet, Purpose and Function, and Yielding Value) for buying luxuries.

How to pick the right espadrille for you

When picking out a pair of espadrilles, consider these three factors:

1. Wedges or flats

If you intend to wear your espadrilles to smart casual weddings, cocktail events, or business casual work functions, wedges are always a failsafe. But if you’re simply looking for comfortable summer shoes to wear on a day-to-day basis, espadrille flats are a capsule wardrobe staple.

2. Closed-toe or open-toe

This is as much about breathability as it is about style. If your espadrilles are made from canvas, cotton, or other breathable materials, a closed toe shouldn’t be a problem in summer. However, if your espadrilles are made from less-breathable fabrics such as leather, you may want to consider an open toe, unless you’re looking for a shoe for transitional seasons. 

3. Closure

Here, we’re weighing up things like convenience and support. While a slip on style is easy to pop on and off throughout the day, lace ups and buckles often allow for a more supportive, tailored fit. Think about where you intend to wear your espadrilles to determine which to prioritize. 

Most importantly, don’t forget your personal style. If you hardly ever wear heels (regardless of how many pairs you own), you’re unlikely to start now. And if you tend to wear a lot of a certain color, make sure that your shoe choice compliments that. 

A brief history of the espadrille

While the espadrille is one of the most ubiquitous and fashionable footwear choices today, it has humble beginnings. Traced back to 2000 BC, espadrilles were first adopted by Spanish peasants. Lightweight and breathable, the raffia-soled shoes were designed for conquering sweltering climates and traipsing through the mountains. 

Espadrilles were also a favorite amongst the Spanish Catalan dancers, who wore them with ribbons tied around their ankles. And while they became the go-to utility shoe for priests, miners and soldiers, it wasn’t until they were popularized by French designer Yves Saint Laurent in the 1970s, that woven jutes became a fashion statement in themselves. 

Today, classical espadrilles remain a capsule wardrobe staple, but it’s the hybrid iterations—a raffia wedge, a woven-soled leather mule or even a straw-platform sneaker—that are really making moves.

The 11 best espadrilles for women

Koio Tula: Overall best espadrille shoes for women

best espadrilles women koio tula - Luxe Digital
Heel type Flat
Closure Slip On
Material LWG-certified Italian leather
Colors White & Black (Moonflower) and Beige & Black (Cortado)

Our rating:


  • Handcrafted in Spain—the birthplace of espadrilles
  • Constructed from certified sustainable full-grain Italian leather and 100% biodegradable jute fibers
  • Cushioned insole provides a cloud-like feel
  • Flat sole and supportive silhouette make them incredibly easy to walk in


  • Leather isn’t as light or breathable as other materials

Our verdict:

These leather 2-tone Koio espadrilles evoke Chanel vibes, at a fraction of the price. They’re beautifully handcrafted. They’re incredibly versatile. And they’re unparalleled in comfort. 

Reminiscent of the two-tone, cape-toe Chanel espadrilles, these Koio iterations are just as fashionable as the French luxury brand’s version was in 2013, albeit not nearly as costly. How do they measure up in other areas?

Handcrafted in Spain from soft, LWG-certified Italian leather, these KOIO espadrille shoes are undoubtedly a premium product—both in comfort and style. The cushioned insole, slip on style and supportive fit make running daily errands a breeze. And while we love that the design features traditional elements of the Spanish shoe, such as exposed stitching and, of course, a woven jute sole, it’s the brand’s overall modern minimalist touches (including the Koio logo in gold at the heel) that really tug at our sartorial heartstrings. 

Gucci Leather Platform: Best luxury women’s espadrilles

best espadrilles women gucci leather platform - Luxe Digital
Heel type Wedge
Closure Lace Up
Material Matelasse leather
Colors Black

Our rating:


  • They’re Gucci (enough said?)
  • They add height (155 mm, to be precise) without compromising comfort
  • The black leather upper is easy to maintain and keep in top condition


  • The high-end label comes with a high-end price tag

Our verdict:

Yep, they’re a luxury. But if we’re going to treat ourselves every now and then, these gorgeous Gucci espadrilles are exactly how we plan to do it. Relaxed yet quintessentially glamorous, no shoe does effortless opulence quite like they do. 

There are few things that we love more than perfect contradictions in fashion. And this is one of those moments. Tying together the Spanish shoes’ quintessentially relaxed aesthetic with the innate glamor of Gucci, these leather espadrilles shake up the classical Spanish shoe. And while the jute woven sole and exaggerated ties pay homage to the original design, the sleek black matelasse leather, iconic double G hardware and soaring wedge heel disrupt the notion of coastal innocence. 

Like the best Gucci bags, these Gucci espadrille shoes have the uncanny ability to elevate any ensemble. Naturally, they’re more extravagant than most, but we prefer to think of them as an investment into a more sophisticated capsule wardrobe. 

Castaner Carina: Best value espadrilles for women

best espadrilles women castaner carina - Luxe Digital
Heel type Wedge
Closure Lace Up
Material Canvas
Colors Black

Our rating:


  • The canvas silhouette is both breathable and durable
  • The black colorway is effortlessly versatile for day and night time
  • The ribbon ties are stylish, while providing ample ankle support
  • A lot more affordable than other luxury brands of equal quality


  • Only available in full sizes

Our verdict:

Classic with just the right amount of dressy casual class, comfortable, and very much in style. We’re all about enjoying life’s simple things and these Castañer wedge sandals are the perfect pair to wear during our favorite summer activities.

Taking our style cues from the Princess of Wales, we finally got our hands on (read: feet into) a pair of Castaner Carina 80s. We’ve tried many of the brand’s espadrilles before and so we had high expectations for this pair, but they (quite literally) blew our socks off. 

The canvas silhouette is incredibly lightweight, breathable and seems like it’ll last many more summers. The 80mm woven jute heel adds a good amount of height, yet you feel like you’re walking in flats. And we absolutely adore the thick strap ankle tie—not only because it’s elegant and feminine, but also because it provides ample ankle support for those uneven surfaces (a lifesaver for garden weddings.)

Basically, at this price tag, there’s not much to deliberate—except maybe, whether to get a second pair for when they do eventually wear out. 

See By Chloe Glyn: Best espadrille wedges for women

best espadrilles women see by chloe - Luxe Digital
Heel type Wedge
Closure Buckle
Material Leather
Colors Black

Our rating:


  • The layered platform makes them easier to walk in than most wedges
  • The calf leather is incredibly soft against the skin
  • The thick, buckled ankle strap is ultra-supportive and stylish


  • Less arch support for those with high arches
  • Toe width is slightly more narrow

Our verdict:

If you love the height of heels but prefer to keep your feet as flat as possible, these layered soles are a fantastic solution. They’re sophisticated and empowering, yet they’re as easy to walk in as flats. However, the narrow toe width may be too constricting for wider feet. 

Comfortable heels are not preferential. They’re a summer prerequisite. With that said, these espadrille wedges are at the top of our list. See By Chloe is the younger (more fashion-forward and affordable) sister of the iconic French brand, Chloe. So while these Glyn espadrille wedges flaunt the same quality finishes as you would expect from the older designer label, they’re marketed at a younger audience and are, therefore, a lot more accessible (a no-brainer if you ask us.)

Featuring a flatter, layered sole, you don’t have to point your toes to achieve that desired 80mm elevation. The buttery soft Italian leather straps are smooth against your skin. And we appreciate the thick ankle strap, providing ample ankle support—plus an edgy, contemporary style. 

Tory Burch: Best slip-on espadrilles for women

best espadrilles women tory burch - Luxe Digital
Heel type Flat
Closure Slip On
Material Leather
Colors Black

Our rating:


  • Leather composition is extremely durable
  • Gold tone plaque speaks to designer accents
  • Black colorway and flat sole make them perfect for everyday wear


  • Not as light or breathable for sweltering climates

Our verdict:

If you’re simply looking for a pair of slip-on to wear around the house, we recommend looking for something less extravagant. However, if you’re looking for a designer pair that are just as comfortable as your house shoes, the premium leather silhouette and gold-tone detailing hit the spot. 

Sleek black leather gets a casual makeover with these signature straw soles. Tory Burch’s contemporary design showcases the brand’s iconic double T logo, emphasized by gold tone hardware. The style is undeniably polished and refined, but at the same time, the woven soles speak to a more relaxed edge. This makes these Tory Burch espadrille shoes perfect for rooftop bars and back garden barbeques alike. 

Just be mindful that although the leather silhouette is soft and supple, it isn’t as breathable as other more summer-friendly materials. So if you’re planning to vacation in Sicily in Summer, you may want to opt for a canvas or cotton pair. 

Koio Atella: Best platform espadrille sandals 

best espadrilles women koio atella - Luxe Digital
Heel type Platform
Closure Buckle
Material Leather
Colors Tan and Black

Our rating:


  • Handcrafted in Spain from soft, sustainable Italian leather, they are timeless and durable
  • Platform heel adds height without compromising comfort
  • Ankle strap for added support


  • Only comes in full sizes
  • Heavier to pack

Our verdict:

Looking for platform espadrilles to wear on a daily basis? These are it. We just wish they took up a little less space and weight in our suitcase so that we could pack them for every Summer vacation. 

It’s no secret that we’re massive fans of Koio (learn more about KOIO in our dedicated story), but we promise that that isn’t why the brand has landed a second shoe on our list of best espadrilles for women. These woven jute platform beauties speak for themselves. Refined yet relaxed, they’re the ultimate summer shoe. Pair them with your best designer work bag and confidently strut through the office. Dress them up with your wedding guest dress to kill it at canapes. Or dress them down with distressed denims and a casual white tee to nail the effortless beach bar aesthetic. 

When it comes to comfort, these KOIO espadrille sandals are equally superlative with an adjustable ankle strap, soft leather upper and cushioned sole. Our only complaint is that they’re on the slightly heavier side and take up some extra space in our summer suitcase. 

Manebi: Best flat espadrille sandals for women

best espadrilles women manebi - Luxe Digital
Heel type Flat
Closure Velcro
Material Suede leather
Colors Multicolored

Our rating:


  • Open-toe sandal style is ultra cool and breathable
  • Convenient velcro strap for effortless, adjustable closure
  • Ample arch support


  • Multicolored straps aren’t as timeless or versatile as other luxury brands
  • Suede leather isn’t waterproof

Our verdict:

Bright and multicolored, these aren’t your everyday pair of espadrille sandals. But they are the perfect pair to set in the holiday mood. Trust us, your feet will thank you after hours of wandering through Europe’s coastal cobblestone streets. 

We couldn’t accurately curate a list of the best espadrilles for women without testing out a pair by Manebi. Specializing in day-to-night, resort-ready footwear, the Milan-based brand excels in producing comfortable sandals and shoes that are high quality and just a little bit quirky. 

These espadrille flats are case in point. Handcrafted in Spain from premium calfskin suede leather with cushioned rubber soles, the carefully engineered silhouette showcases meticulous attention to detail. While the mix of beige with green, pink and orange speaks to an elated vacation-ready eccentricity that only Manebi can pull off. If you’re struggling to get through your work week and need a little holiday inspiration, these Manebi espadrille sandals promise to bring that off-duty excitement well ahead of time.

Soludos Slipper: Best flatform espadrilles for women

best espadrilles women soludos slipper - Luxe Digital
Heel type Flatform
Closure Slip On
Material Canvas
Colors Black and Beige

Our rating:


  • Canvas material is light and breathable
  • Rubber sole is soft and padded
  • Lightweight, flexible materials are easy to pack 
  • Extremely supportive for long days on foot
  • Great value


  • A wear-in period is required to soften materials
  • The canvas upper seems small at first but stretches over time

Our verdict:

We can 100% confirm that Soludos espadrilles have earned their world-renowned status. And while we were suspicious that such a price tag would result in durable, comfortable shoes, the quality of these Soludos slippers proved otherwise. 

If you know espadrilles, you know Soludos. But not all cult-favorites deserve their status. That being said, we thoroughly tested out these Soludos slippers and can confidently say that they have earned their spot amongst the all-time greats. 

What makes them so great—well, besides the $85 price tag? The classical design pays homage to the humble roots of the Spanish shoe. So, if you’re looking for an espadrille that actually looks and feels like the classic espadrille, this is it. Featuring a canvas upper and a lightweight (but durable) rubber sole, these Soludos espadrilles are breathable and packable. We also love that the flatform sole isn’t totally flat, making them more flattering yet uncompromising in comfort. 

Staud Billie: Best mule espadrilles for women

best espadrilles women staud billie - Luxe Digital
Heel type Wedge
Closure Slip On
Material Leather
Colors Tan and Cream

Our rating:


  • The slip on style is super convenient and doesn’t slip off your foot
  • Exposed stitching and a square toe speak to a designer’s touch
  • Versatile, with a relaxed raffia wedge and luxurious leather upper


  • You can find more affordable alternatives
  • Not as lightweight as other espadrille styles

Our verdict:

If you’re looking for a designer pair of espadrilles but don’t have $800 lying around for Chanels or Guccis, Staud’s wedged mules are just as decadent but more accessible. That being said, the $325 price tag isn’t insignificant. We still consider them an investment. 

Marry the slip on convenience of a mule with the inherent comfort of the espadrille and you’ve got a summer match made in heaven. The raffia wedge is quintessentially relaxed, while the polished leather upper adds a refined edge, perfect for garden weddings and semi-formal affairs. But they needn’t be confined to such occasions. We wear these leather espadrilles on repeat, especially if we’ve got a client to impress or just need that added boost of confidence for those dreaded parent-teacher meetings. 

The 75mm heel is effortlessly empowering, but the casual style doesn’t feel like you’re trying too hard. Plus, these STAUD summer wedges are exceptionally comfortable. We don’t know how they’ve done it, but we could walk a couple of miles in them despite the added height. 

Gucci Cut Outs: Best women’s espadrille slides

best espadrilles women gucci cut outs - Luxe Digital
Heel type Flat
Closure Slip On
Material Leather
Colors Brown, Gold, Orange + More

Our rating:


  • Convenient slip on style
  • Made in Spain from premium, durable materials
  • Nail the everyday casual-chic aesthetic


  • The affluent label comes with an affluent price tag

Our verdict:

If you’re ready to part with your worn out Adidas slides and are willing to invest in something more sophisticated (but equally comfortable), these Gucci slides are an excellent choice. Naturally, you pay a lot more for the affluent label. But if you plan to wear them as much as we do, you likely won’t regret it. 

The only rule for these Gucci slides is that they simply cannot be confined to the house. And while they’re just as comfortable and convenient as your Adidas iterations, they’re a lot more classy and sophisticated, pairing well with anything and everything—from distressed denims to white dresses. 

Combining the relaxed nature of espadrilles sandals with the inherent glamor of Gucci, these leather espadrilles epitomize effortless elegance. The label’s iconic double G logo is front and center in the form of oversized cut outs. While the rest of the shoe is relatively paired back. That being said, we know that not everyone has $590 to part with, but if you do, these Gucci espadrille flats are a worthwhile consideration. They may not be as extravagant as other Gucci designs, but they will elevate your day-to-day capsule wardrobe—something we’re always looking for. 

Golden Goose: Best women’s espadrille sneakers

best espadrilles women golden goose - Luxe Digital
Heel type Flat
Closure Lace Up
Material Leather
Colors White

Our rating:


  • Made in Italy from quality materials, they’re designed to last a lifetime 
  • Sneaker style is perfect for Summer walks
  • Perforated sides make the leather silhouette more breathable 
  • Easy to wipe down and maintain, especially for white sneakers


  • Not as lightweight and breathable as other espadrille styles
  • More expensive than most white sneakers

Our verdict:

There aren’t many espadrille sneakers out there (laces and all), so if you love the idea of pairing the two styles as much as we do, you may want to consider (slightly) splurging on this pair by Golden Goose. 

We know Golden Goose for producing some of the best luxury sneakers. Add a woven jute sole and they quickly double up as some of our best espadrilles for women. Ok, so they aren’t your typical espadrille, but we couldn’t resist the combination of these two fashionably-functional styles. Perfect for Summer walks and exploring new cities, they’re the kind of shoe that grows on you more and more as they mold to your foot and receive ample compliments from fellow sartorialists. 

Featuring Golden Goose’s signature scuff marks and retro perforated star motif, these leather espadrille sneakers by Golden Goose are more breathable than most and designed to be worn with a carefree attitude. Although, if you get a bit too carried away, they’re also very easy to wipe down and maintain. 

Frequently asked questions about the best espadrilles for women

Which espadrilles should I buy?

That ultimately comes down to what you’re looking for in your perfect pair of espadrilles. If you prioritize the comfort of flats, you can’t go wrong with Manebi’s vacation-style espadrilles or Koio’s Chanel-inspired iterations. And if you’re looking for a boost this season, Koio Atella or Gucci platforms will take you soaring to new heights. But for a well-rounded understanding of the best shoe for you, we recommend reading through our top picks of different espadrille styles for every occasion.

What espadrilles does Kate Middleton wear?

It’s no secret that Kate Middleton is a fan of espadrilles—the Castaner Carina in particular. Worn on repeat by the Princess of Wales, be it with her signature polka dot dress or trousers, the versatile espadrille wedge is both relaxed and refined.

Are espadrilles good quality?

The quality of your espadrilles comes down to the brand you choose. If you opt for cheap, fast-fashion brands, we wouldn’t bet on the shoe lasting more than the season. So, instead, we’ve put together this list of quality espadrilles that are guaranteed to stand the test of time.

Are espadrilles classy?

Espadrilles are renowned for their casual-but-classy style. And while the Spanish shoe’s signature raffia soles are quintessentially relaxed by nature, some espadrille styles are more sophisticated than others. For a more polished take on the classic espadrille, see our list of the best espadrilles for women.

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