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This New All-Electric Travel Trailer Parks Itself and Sets Up Camp—So You Don’t Have to

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Pebble is doing everything in its power to make your next trip to the campground easier.

The California-based startup has just unveiled an EV-friendly luxury trailer called the Flow. The tech-packed vehicle comes with an optional dual-motor power train and, if that wasn’t enough, can even set up camp for you.

The Flow comes with an optional propulsion system so that it doesn’t drain your EV’s driving range despite tipping the scales at 6,200 pounds. The setup has a pair of electric motors—one situated on each wheel—that provide enough of a boost to lessen the burden on your battery-powered SUV or truck while you’re on the road (the setup also improves fuel efficiency for traditional ICE vehicles). Owners can also use the Pebble app to remotely move the trailer at walking speeds when it is unhitched. The individual motorized wheels offer up precise maneuverability, which will make parking in a tight spot a breeze. Sensors located around the flow also allow the vehicle to automatically hitch and unhitch itself.

The Pebble Flow being towed on a highway

The Pebble Flow is available with a dual-motor power train.


Those aren’t the only aspects of the camping experience that the smart trailer makes easier, though. One of its more intriguing features is the “Instacamp” system, which automatically levels the caravan out, deploys its entry staircase, opens up the awning and turns on the lights once you’ve parked. The system, which is controlled via the app, can be used in reverse when you’re ready to break camp. The Flow also comes equipped with a 45 kWh LFP battery pack and roof-mounted 1,000-watt solar panel spread that can keep everything running for up to a week off-grid. Don’t worry if it’s cloudy, either. The Flow’s power system also allows it to be used as an emergency power source.

Outside all its smart tech, the 25-foot-long Flow is also one of the more unique-looking trailers available. The caravan has a minimalist design with giant wrap-around windows that provide a 270-degree view of the surrounding landscape. The streamlined look carries over to the versatile interior. There you’ll find a kitchen with a two-burner induction stove, a smart-glass encased bathroom, and a multi-purpose space with a Murphy bed that can be folded up for access to a mobile workstation or dinette. There’s also a flip-up service window next to the kitchen block that allows for indoor and outdoor cooking.

Inside the Pebble Flow

Inside the Flow


Pebble is taking pre-orders for the Flow smart travel trailer now through its website. It costs $500 to reserve a build slot. The caravan starts $125,000 with the dual-motor power train and $109,000 without. Deliveries for the vehicle are expected to begin before the end of 2024.

Click here for more photos of the Pebble Flow luxury smart trailer.

The Pebble Flow in Photos


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