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This freelance tool lets you compare rates to others in your industry

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Money is a sensitive subject. Akin to religion and politics it makes a lot of people uncomfortable. However, when you’re an up-and-coming entrepreneur or entering freelance, money is always on your mind. It has to be.

If you charge this much, how much will you keep for taxes? Why is this person who is in the same field and doing the same thing and getting more or less? Am I charging too much or too little? Is my client going to accept my price?

These kinds of questions spin round-and-round and it’s the kind of ferris wheel no one wants to hop onto. That could be a thing of the past – ‘could’ being the optimal word here. A new tool by the name of Instaprice has been released that may be able to help.

Instaprice is an all-in-one pricing tool for those pursuing freelance. Ben Issen, the creator of the application stated “too often, pricing work is an unstructured guessing art,” and I have to wholeheartedly agree with him on that. You keep playing with numbers until you find what works for you.

So what does this amazing app do exactly? It allows you to see what other freelancers are charging to get a better idea of what you should charge.

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In the beginning, you simply pick your currency and country. It helps to better pinpoint pricing in your area. After that, the easy-to-use interface shows half a screen listed with a search bar and thousands of services, and the other half of the screen is a very cute little robot calculator. As you pick the services you plan on providing the little robot tallies it all up on the side so once you’re done you know exactly what you should be charging your client.

The prices next to each service are listed individually as well, and you can refine your project by choosing whether it’s a complex project or an enterprise company, etc.

I would have killed for this app when I started freelancing. It makes it so easy with all the services it supports everyone from paralegals, developers, writers, financial advisors, and even photographers.

Now earlier I said the nauseating farries wheel of freelance money questions ‘could’ be a thing of the past. The reason for that is with the rate of current inflation across the globe these numbers might not match today’s society. There may be times when you can’t go off what this application tells you simply because your clients can’t afford it anymore.

So just keep the current state of cash flow around the globe in mind when using this tool. It’s perfect for an estimate but it may not be on point every time. Would I still use this? Absolutely. This is an amazing tool with a lot of great features. So whether you’re a PR manager taking on a new client or a copywriter trying to price a landing page, this could be the tool for you.

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