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This Bonkers New Audi Race Car Is a 640 HP Beast That You Can Also Drive to Work

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Thanks to ABT Sportsline you’ll soon be able to take a Le Mans race car for a drive around town.

The German tuner and motorsports company has just announced the XGT, its limited-edition take on the Audi R8 GT2. There’s a lot to like about the vehicle—which the shop is calling the “quintessence of [its] heritage”—but our favorite aspect is that it was designed for road use. That’s right, the XGT is a street-legal Le Mans racer.

ABT has been releasing heavily modified builds based on Audis and Volkswagens for years now, but few have ever drawn as much attention as the XGT. All it takes is a glance at the car—which the tuner has been testing out at the Nürburgring this fall, according to The Drive—to see why. The XGT, like the race car it’s based on, is basically an R8 outfitted with a ridiculous aero kit. It features a sculpted hood, a giant roof scoop, and a giant rear wing that combine to give it a more muscular and athletic air than ever before.

The ABT Sportsline XGT from the side

ABT Sportsline XGT

ABT Sportsline

Of course, the XGT is not a like-for-like reproduction of the R8 GT2. ABT has made several modifications to the vehicle to make it street-legal. It’s still powered by a naturally aspirated 5.2-liter V-10 (that produces 640 hp) mated to a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox that sends power to the rear axle, but its racing fuel system has been swapped out for the same one found in the traditional sports car. It’s also been equipped with a special exhaust system that meets emission regulations.

The vehicle’s interior is just as spartan as that of Audi’s race car, but it has been outfitted with a number of creature comforts sure to improve your daily commute. These include an air-conditioning system, handbrake rear-view camera, electronically adjustable side-view mirrors, and turn signals. There are also now door locks and an engine immobilizer, so you don’t have to worry about someone making off with your car while you run errands. Despite all the modifications, the car tips the scales at just 3,086 pounds.

Inside the ABT Sportsline XGT

ABT Sportsline XGT

ABT Sportsline

ABT plans to build just 99 examples of the XGT. The production run should go quickly, though it does start at €598,000 (roughly $656,000). Unfortunately, the car won’t be available in North America, but we have a feeling European-based enthusiasts won’t mind that one bit.

Click here for more photos of the ABT Sportsline XGT.

The ABT Sportsline XGT in Photos

ABT Sportsline

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