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These Wellness-Focused Private Jet Trips Will Take You to Nepal, the Maldives, and Beyond

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Meditating with a Zen master in Nepal, getting spiritual advice from a shaman in Peru, or visiting a Swiss biohacking clinic may not sound like conventional ways to overcome jet lag. They’re all part of a new wellness program from VistaJet, a private-air provider focusing on new tangential ways to promote health among its clients.

“We decided to look at the ways we can impact our members’ lives off the airplane,” Matteo Atti, chief marketing officer at VistaJet, told Robb Report. “The goal is to turn a tiring journey into an energizing one, especially for clients who fly multiple times each week.”

The international private-jet firm has worked on the concept for a year and a half, says Atti, to provide more depth than just creating a program to fill out its membership offerings. VistaJet’s on-board food and wine choices are already extensive, with well-known celebrity chefs creating seasonally-rotating menus as well as sourcing food from thousands of local suppliers.

VistaJet Wellness program

A consultation with a nutritionist on the best diets for flying is part of the private-jet provider’s program.


Divided into pre-, in- and post-flight segments, the company first offers a complimentary consultation with a nutritionist to discuss the best foods to eat before and during the flight, including meals that high-performance athletes consume when they fly. Instead of a rum and Coke, how about beetroot juice or coconut water? Some of the healthy dinner choices include roasted salmon with wild rice and asparagus or miso chicken with brown rice, kimchi, and miso maple-glazed eggplant.

“Many clients have already given us their meal preferences, so we find the best ways to navigate those for the most impactful diet,” says Atti. “It goes from being a passive process to an active way they can participate.”

The in-flight portion also includes meditation apps, modifying cabin lighting to minimize jet lag, and including items like Guerlain’s Orchidée Imperial collection for skin health as well as aromatherapy and special teas.

A glass of beetroot to help with jet lag? The company is using menus developed for high-performance athletes for its frequent fliers.

The post-flight portion includes wellness guides by Dr. Jordan Shlain at Private Medical with tips and exercises, but goes beyond that.

“We realized there’s so much to influence beyond jet lag and diet,” says Atti. “So we came up with 20 personally transformative experiences that add more depth to the program.”

VistaJet Wellness Program

The “post-flight” program includes shamanic trips to Peru or biohacking clinics in Switzerland.


The list is wide-ranging, from a 21-day spiritual retreat through Nepal and Bhutan with adventure travel outfitter Pelorus that includes monastery visits, traditional rituals for body health, and prayer sessions with Buddhist monks to a biohacking retreat in Ibiza that promotes longevity through cellular function. Detoxes in Sweden, a trip to Joali Being in the Maldives—billed as the world’s only “wellbeing island”—or rituals in Mexico for rejuvenation are also part of wellness options via VistaJet’s Private World travel program.

While these trips cost extra, the rest of the health program, from the nutritionist to the special menus, is included in the cost of membership. “When flying is part of your life or business routine, we want to make sure it is a moment that adds value,” said Atti. “Flying better should mean living better.”

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