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The Yellow Submarine

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Discover the dazzling array of underwater life in luxury on-board your very own Yellow Submarine, the ultimate yachting accessory for sale with experts Y.CO

Beatles fans and superyacht owners take note. Leading superyacht brokerage, Y.CO, is giving you the chance to own your very own Yellow Submarine!

Along with their extensive array of the world’s finest luxury yachts for sale, Y.CO has one of the most unique and spectacular accessories to match. This VAS 525/60 Yellow Submarine from leading submarine expert GSE Trieste is a true underwater explorer and intrepid yacht owners an experience which is usually limited to marine scientists and adventurers.

The Yellow Submarine

Can you imagine you, your family and friends cruising exotic and remote destinations in the South Pacific, Asia and the Caribbean and having the opportunity to discover the marvels both below and above the sea level, thanks to their equipment on board? With the VAS 525/60 undertake the adventure of a lifetime!

The VAS 525/60 is also fully US Coast Guard compliant for any offshore adventures in American waters.

This unique vessel may be complex but is also compact with dimensions which many superyacht garages can accommodate. The submarine’s length is 8.4 metres, beam 2.4 metres and height 2. 6 metres. In addition, this indomitable Yellow Submarine can operate up until depths of 160 metres and has a maximum submerged cruising speed of six knots and a range of 25 nautical miles at five knots. That’s a lot of ocean floor for the adventurous underwater explorer to traverse!The Yellow Submarine

This all electric submersible is designed to be manned by one to two pilots and can carry up to five guests. Four side windows enable maximum observation for the passengers, whose experience will only be heightened by the HD video and photography capabilities fitted to the submarine’s exterior and underwater lights which illuminate the ocean when at depth or during evening dives. Finishing touches guaranteed to both highlight and capture those unforgettable moments.

The Yellow Submarine

Whist the exterior boats a distinct, and unforgettable, yellow color scheme, the VAS 525/60’s luxury interior offers a fluid continuation from a superyachts stylish and elegant design as well as a flexible seating layout, leather lounges, a toilet and even an on-board fridge for some underwater refreshment!

Yet, whilst the submarine offers unrivalled creature comforts for the underwater explorer, no aspect of the vessel’s safety has been overlooked. The design follows stringent US marine standards and has been conceived using comprehensive safety and security developments tested on commercial vessels. Features include an anti-collision sonar, side scan sonar, eight hours of cruising oxygen (and 96 hours of reserve), as well as two 2.3 litre CO² scrubbers.

The Yellow Submarine

Only a small percentage of the population has the chance to discover ocean life in such detail as offered by GSE Trieste’s innovative Yellow Submarine. This is your opportunity to join an elite, and intrepid, group.

Contact your Y.CO yacht broker for further information on this or any luxury yachts for sale.

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