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The Top Yacht Crew Influencers Gaining Traction on TikTok

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The life of a yacht crew is full of adventure, far-flung destinations, and the opportunity to build skills and earn money. But what is it really like below deck on some of the world’s superyachts? 

If you’re interested in working as a crew member in the yachting industry, already work on a yacht, or want to become a TikTok crew influencer, social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok is a fantastic and free method to learn about working at sea.

Continue reading for our top 5 TikTok yachting crew influencers.

Who are the top social media influencers on TikTok for yachting?

The top social media influencers to follow are Emery Walleric, Anna Isabel, Liberty, Caitlin, and Hanna Patten. These crew members use the social media platform to share what it’s like working on a superyacht catering to the demands of high-net-worth individuals to hundreds of thousands of followers across the world. Here’s a sneak peek of these TikTok yacht crew influencers raising awareness about what it’s like to work in the marine industry on a superyacht while sharing their adventures at sea.

@thatyachtiegirl - Yacht InfluencerEmery Wallerich – @thatyachtiegirl – 465.9K Followers

Emery Wallerich, 25, better known as @thatyachtiegirl, is a yacht stewardess based in South Florida who launched her career in yachting immediately after graduating from college and fell in love with the lifestyle.

Emery explains that the pay varies on each charter, but she typically makes around US$4,200 to $5,000 monthly. She can save a tremendous amount of her income due to free accommodation, food, and even toiletries while working aboard some of the world’s finest vessels.

As a yacht crew influencer, Emery documents her life as a stewardess and shares informative and comedic content on her social media account, explaining the advantages of a career in boating while recording stunning locations and luxurious lifestyles. She shares content on yacht charters and explains the realities of crew work, whilst documenting her daily routines and offering tips on getting into the industry. 

anna isabele- Tik Tok, Yacht InfluencerAnna Isabel – @anna.isabele – 72.5K Followers

Anna, 25, has grown an impressive TikTok audience by documenting what it is like to live on a boat as a stewardess. Anna got her first yacht crew stewardess job during her gap year, and she quickly fell in love with the lifestyle. 

Yacht crew influencer Anna shares a series of inspirational viral videos documenting the benefits of yacht work, including the days off in stunning locations, making lifelong best friends from around the world, and having unique experiences while cruising the yachting hotspots, such as the Mediterranean and Caribbean. 

Travel-with-Liberty, Yacht InfluencerLiberty – @travelwithliberty – 72.3K Followers

Liberty, originally from the UK, quit her 9 to 5 job and launched her career in yachting five years ago. At the start, Liberty wanted to stand out from other candidates to kick start her career and wrote her first Captain a poem. And it worked. 

She has grown a following on TikTok by regularly posting content that documents her life o the ocean, working as a boson on a superyacht – if you search TikTok yachting crew, it’s likely @travelwithliberty will appear on your feed.

Liberty is a lifestyle influencer and shares videos about her life working at sea. Listing more pros than cons, Liberty says that she loves how much she’s now able to work outside and that she loves working with the other people on the yacht, adding that she’s been able to form close friendships with so many fellow yachters.

superyachtgirl, yACHT iNFLUENCERCaitlin – @superyachtgirl – 64.6K Followers

Superyacht stewardess Caitlin, better known as @superyachtgirl, is chronicling her life as a yachting crew on TikTok.

Caitlin, a Kiwi native, launched her career in yachting at 21 years old to pay off her student loan debt. In a series of videos, Caitlin shares an average working day on a luxury yacht and reveals the reality of her glamorous life at sea. 

Caitlin focuses on sharing informative content and answering her followers’ questions on how to get into the yachting industry, sharing tips and tricks for working as a stewardess, including how to deep clean 60m/196.8’ superyachts and lay a fabulous table.

simply Hannah 1 - sailing yacht Chief stew, Yacht InfluencerHannah Patten – @simplyhannah1 – 57.1K Followers

Hannah, 24, from Florida, US, is a TikTok yachting crew superstar known as @simplyhannah1, who has worked as a chief stew on superyachts and sailing catamarans worldwide.

Followers enjoy Hannah’s honest content that chronicles her life as a head stewardess and chef onboard a catamaran in the Bahamas with her boyfriend and boat captain. In a series of viral videos, Hannah gives her audience a glimpse into an average day in the life of a chief stewardess, offers insight into onboard relationships during yacht charters, and even includes footage of the couple’s three-year-old Golden Retriever.

If you are ready to launch a career in yachting or believe you have what it takes to become a TikTok crew influencer, contact a yacht crew recruiter. 

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