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The Tesla Cybertruck Will Have 4 Doors, a 6-Foot Bed—and Still Fit Into Your Garage

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The Tesla Cybertruck is starting to come into focus years after it was first announced.

The EV maker has finally revealed just how big its battery-powered pickup will be days after the first production example rolled off the line at Gigafactory Texas (h/t the Verge). And while the vehicle will be smaller than its primary competition, its unique design means it should offer more cargo room.

Tesla announced the eagerly anticipated EV’s dimensions during its second-quarter earnings report on Wednesday. During a call with investors, it was revealed that the Cybertruck will measure less than 19 feet bumper to bumper but have a bed over six feet in length. That means it’s shorter than its main battery-powered rival, the 19.25-foot Ford F-150 Lightning, but has a longer bed (the Ford’s measures 5.5 feet). Another electric truck, the Rivian R1T, has a shorter overall length (just over 18 feet) and truck bed (4.5 feet).

The Cybertruck’s bigger bed won’t come at the expense of passenger room. The EV is a four-door, like a double-cab pickup, suggesting it should comfortably fit five adults, with two seated up front and three in the back.

“That’s one of the elements of good design, is it should feel bigger on the inside than it looks on the outside,” Musk said during the call.

Tesla claims that the new model will be the first sub-19-foot truck with four doors and a bed over six feet long. Its dimensions mean it can also fit into a standard garage, which was a genuine concern following the concept’s debut in the fall of 2019.

We know approximately how big the Cybertruck will be, but there’s still a lot we’re waiting to find out about the finished vehicle. Tesla has yet to confirm how powerful its pickup will be, how much it can tow and how many miles it can cover on a single charge. If the automaker is able to deliver on even a couple of the lofty claims made during the model’s unveiling, it likely has another success on its hands.

Not everyone seems excited about this week’s Cybertruck news, though. Tesla’s stock has fallen more than seven percent since its latest earnings call, according to CNBC. One of the reasons for the dip is that Musk did not provide concrete production numbers for the EV, only reiterating that it won’t go into volume production until next year.

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