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The Designer Down Low: 9 Best Loewe Bags To Invest In

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The Spanish luxury house may have kept a relatively low profile over the past century and a half, but now, it’s quickly becoming one of the most sought-after labels, rivaling the likes of industry heroes, such as Gucci, Chanel, and Dior. 

Don’t worry; we’ll forgive you for thinking that the cult-favorite designer brand was new to the scene. You’re not alone. After all, it wasn’t until more recently that the innovative label seriously left its mark on the fashion industry. From dressing Beyonce and Rihanna for performances to styling Kylie Jenner and Queen Letizia, the high-end label is no longer lying low.

But are Loewe bags a good investment? At first glance, Loewe bags are more affordable than other affluent labels. And no doubt, the sought-after brand is your ticket to skipping club queues and your invitation to elite affairs. But do Loewe bags hold their value over time?

Founded in 1846 by Enrique Loewe Roessberg, the Spanish luxury fashion house is one of the oldest and most prestigious. Appointed by King Alfonso XIII, Loewe became the official purveyor of the Spanish Royal Household in 1904. Since then, the iconic label has continued to adorn queens and kings, whilst simultaneously popularizing low-key favorites such as the raffia woven tote. 

Beautifully crafted in Spain, Loewe’s bags are engineered to last forever, and its minimalist designs never go out of style. So yes, Loewe bags do hold their value (see Fashionphile and The RealReal). But like all designer models, some age better than others. 

The Puzzle Bag: Modular magic

The reason this Loewe bag is idolized by many is no puzzle!

The Puzzle’s folding geometric silhouette feels fresh yet timeless, much like the Saint Laurent Sac de Jour’s modern take on the classic tote. Its innovative construction highlights Loewe’s mastery of leatherwork. Roomy enough for work or play, this Loewe bag gives model-off-duty vibes.

The bag’s sleek foldable design provides effortless versatility. Carry it handheld, on your shoulder, or crossbody, depending on the day’s adventures.

The Puzzle’s supple leather construction and uniqueness speak for itself as you stroll the streets in modern Euro-chic fashion.

Best for: Bold minimalism with an artsy edge.

Release year: 2014
Price: $1,950

The Flamenco: Your party purse

best loewe bags the flamenco review - Luxe Digital

Named after the passionate Spanish art of dancing, the Flamenco, Loewe’s vintage ’70s archival clutch, still slays the party circuit today. This Loewe bag remains iconic, not unlike Gucci’s Jackie O and horse-bit style revivals. With its iconic knotted drawstring pulls and sensual pouch shape, the Flamenco oozes effortless elegance. 

Carry it as a clutch or rock it as a hands-free crossbody to keep the fun going. The Flamenco will instantly amp up any LBD or jeans and silky cami look. You’ll be the life of the party with this retro-chic accessory in hand. 

Best for: A bag that is (Spanish) music to your ears.

Release year: 1972
Price: $2,550

The Amazona: Irresistible icon

best loewe bags the amazona review - Luxe Digital

Named after the female warriors of Greek mythology, the Amazona, with its two top handles has been an It-girl favorite since its ’70s debut. Its lush leather construction spotlights Loewe’s excellent leatherwork, with thoughtful details like a functional mini padlock and key.

The Amazona’s understated elegance takes our 9-to-5 look from basic to badass. Pair it with a blazer and trousers or dress and boots for a workweek win. Amazona’s impeccable construction and roomy interior make it an ideal classy bag for work.

Best for: Channeling your inner warrior for a powerful workweek statement. 

Release year: 1975
Price: $2,350 – $3,950

The Basket Bag: A summertime classic

best loewe bags the basket bag review - Luxe Digital

The Loewe Basket Bag serves up major vacation vibes. We love the juxtaposition of the artisanal raffia body against the leather handles and calfskin patch.

With its roomy interior, affordable price point, and yearly reinventions, it’s no wonder Loewe Basket Bag has achieved cult status. Adored by celebrities such as Sophia Richie and Elsa Hosk, this Loewe bag can be credited with pioneering the designer basket trend and continues to be a beloved choice for those seeking the perfect blend of style and practicality during the summer season.

Take this cutie to the beach with denim shorts and a crochet top. Stroll the city streets with a breezy sundress and sandals. Wherever summer takes you, this Loewe bag brings the heat with its carefree boho aesthetic.

Best for: Woven wonder.

Release year: 2015
Price: $790- $1750

The Gate Bag: Equestrian-inspired glamor

best loewe bags the gate bag review - Luxe Digital

With its signature saddle-shaped silhouette and a unique metal hinge securing the leather latch, the Gate Bag earned its name and a place in fashion’s spotlight. This equestrian-inspired gem made its debut on Loewe’s spring 2018 runway, where it was destined for It-bag status.

Its signature side latch closure and impeccable construction oozes effortless elegance. Fusing vintage equestrian stylings like the saddle-shaped silhouette and leather belt strap with modern details like the engraved logo, this Loewe bag is a timeless classic. Carry it as a clutch or wear it crossbody using the removable jacquard and leather strap. 

Best for: Your gateway to glamor.

Release year: 2018
Price: $2,150 – $2,950

The Hammock Hobo: Laidback luxe

best loewe bags the hammock hobo review - Luxe Digital

Ladies love this designer bag for its ingeniously deconstructed hobo style. This shape-shifting Loewe bag is your weekend-style soulmate. If you are aiming for an effortless carefree vibe, this Loewe bag adds laidback luxury to all your stylish off-duty looks.

Best for: Multifunctional marvel.

Release year: 2019
Price: $1,750 – $3,350

The Goya: Artistic elegance

best loewe bags the goya review - Luxe Digital

Loewe’s iconic Goya silhouette, named after the legendary Spanish painter Francisco Goya, elegantly transforms into a versatile masterpiece designed for graceful shoulder or clutch carry. 

The Goya is available in a variety of options, from polished leather versions exuding timeless sophistication, to casual iterations such as the puffer style for a laidback yet chic appeal. 

The Goya is a testament to artistic elegance, with signature details like the heritage T-bar closure, setting it apart as a true style statement.

Best for: Painting the town red (or any other colors.)

Release year: 2021
Price: $2,150 – $2,950

The Paseo Tote: Architectural artistry

best loewe bags the paseo tote review - Luxe Digital

The Paseo tote stuns with its ingenious pleated body and signature knotted drawstrings. Thoughtfully designed with versatility in mind, it can be handheld, tucked under your arm, or slung over your shoulder.

Transition this architectural tote from a chic work companion to your stylish sidekick for date night. You’ll ooze modern elegance whenever you head out with this sculptural stunner. 

Best for: Artistic allure.

Release year: 2019
Price: $2,150 -$2,950

The Cubi Crossbody: Gorgeous geometry

best loewe bags the cubi crossbody review - Luxe Digital

The Cubi Crossbody, known for its distinctive boxy cube shape offers both style and affordability. Crafted from supple smooth calfskin and featuring a LOEWE jacquard strap, it’s a versatile and capacious bag that easily adapts to your body. 

With options for crossbody or shoulder carry and an adjustable shoulder strap, it provides convenience and comfort for busy days. The herringbone cotton canvas lining and embossed Anagram are the finishing touches that make this modern fusion of form and function a must-have.

Rock the Cubi strolling the city streets, out to dinner, or dancing the night away. Its compact size keeps you light on your feet as you go from work to play in style. Stay hands-free with the durable yet luxe Cubi bag by your side from sunrise to sunset. This petite powerhouse adds an artful edge with its interplay of textures and geometric silhouette.

Best for: A square deal in fashion-forward function.

Release year: 2022
Price: $1,450- $1,750

The story behind an artisanal Spanish legacy

Picture a tiny leather goods workshop in 1846 Madrid, founded by three talented Spanish craftsmen who dreamed of perfecting their artistry. The small shop quickly built a reputation for unparalleled quality and innovation, winning commissions from European royalty.

In 1872, German entrepreneur Enrique Loewe Roessberg joined the workshop, adding commercial acumen to the artisanal expertise. He gave Loewe global ambition, cementing its legacy as Spain’s premier House of leather craftsmanship for generations. Over 175 years later, Loewe continues to redefine luxury craft under Jonathan Anderson’s creative vision. He celebrates the House’s legacy through boundary-pushing designs and a commitment to exceptional materials.

Loewe also prides itself on sustainable practices. They source the finest leathers from responsible tanneries and implement initiatives to reduce environmental impact. At Loewe, creativity and conscience intersect.

How to pronounce Loewe

You’d be forgiven for thinking Loewe rhymes with low. However, Loewe is pronounced “LOH-EH-VAY”.  It requires enunciating the e’s with a distinct hardness, and the letter w is pronounced like a v. 

While Loewe is a renowned Spanish brand, its name has German origins. The luxury label’s name derives from founder Enrique Loewe Roessberg.

This unique pronunciation is addressed by the brand itself on their website, where they’ve dedicated a section titled “How to say our name.” 

How much does a Loewe bag cost?

Loewe’s bags range from around $1,500 for small leather goods to over $4,000 for more intricate leather creations. The price reflects Loewe’s commitment to superlative materials and workmanship.

Frequently asked questions about Loewe bags

Is Loewe a good investment bag?

Yes, Loewe is a good investment bag due to the brand’s exceptional leatherwork and focus on creating enduring, timeless designs.

Is Loewe high-end luxury?

Yes, Loewe is a high-end luxury brand celebrated for its artistic leather goods and craftsmanship perfected over 175 years, making it LVMH’s oldest luxury fashion house.

Is the Loewe Puzzle bag a trend?

While the Loewe Puzzle bag was first launched in 2014, its ingenious modularity and soft leather make it a timeless investment bag to cherish for years rather than a trend.

Where is the best country to buy Loewe bags?

Loewe was founded in Spain, so shopping in Madrid provides the most extensive collection, but the Loewe bags can be found worldwide at Loewe boutiques and luxury department stores.

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