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The Cannes Yacht Festival, The Green Path of Yachting

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The yachting industry is doing well. The Cannes Yachting Festival which took over the town of Cannes from Sept 6th to the 11th is living proof of it. The show is spectacular, presenting some 650 boats, it’s the largest in-water European event of its kind.

Spreading over the Old Ports for most of the exhibitor’s boats, the Port Canto for the brokerage and sailing sections, and the Palais des Festivals for the luxury gallery and other professionals of the maritime sector, the boat show was celebrating its 45th Birthday this year.

While politicians realize that global warming is really here and that it’s time for every industry to turn to alternatives, the nautical world has already been working on it for some years and it is very impressive to see the extent of what can be done.

New technologies and sometimes sustainable, here are some of our favorites:

Cannes Yachting Festival 2022 - SeaBuble

The SeaBubble

The foilers are not new, but the ones mounted on the SeaBublle are automatic and retractable. The vessel has a futuristic look, very stylish with its Dolorian 2 doors, it belongs to a new generation. The SeaBubbles can preserve the natural ecosystem while offering a unique flying silent experience.

Able to transport up to 12 people, we enjoyed the comfort onboard and appreciate learning that the capsule respects the environment it evolves in. Its motto: zero waves, zero noise, zero emission, is an invitation to try this new way of transportation.

Windelo Ocean Future Yacht

Windelo, Ocean future catamaran

The origins of some products are touching. Windelo Catamaran’s founder is one of those. Not finding the catamaran he wanted, Olivier Kauffman and his son Gautier Kauffmann thought of this new concept which has become the Windelo.

Windelo’s vessels are ahead of their time, or maybe just synchronized with their era.

They are the vessels of the future, combining recycled and bio-sourced materials, electric engines, and green energies source, Windelo received the special “sustainability” mention from the European Yacht Of The Year 2022!

Yacht Beach Foiler Parking

YachtBeach By Spinera

It’s the company Point of Distribution that presented some of the most ingenious yacht toys. Our favorite was the YachtBeach pieces, especially the one that is designed to “park” the foilers.

Conceived so that a foiler user can easily step off the toy and turn around with no trouble, the extension of the beach club is ingenious. The inflatable module fits perfectly with the other inflatable elements of what can be the personalized extension of your bathing platform.

Whisper Yacht

Whisper yachts

Shipyards are definitely intensifying their resourcefulness and creativity to make their boats as eco-friendly as possible.

Whisper yachts present a vessel that produces no pollution since it has no toxic emission, no smell from exhausts or fuel odors, and no noise as there is no vibration, no heat nor use of inflammable combustibles.

An entire agenda for this recent shipyard was created in 2019 by Engineer Guy Marshall.

The solar electrical 50-foot presents all that a sea lover wants: an eco-friendly comfortable catamaran that requires 90% savings compared to thermal engines.

Poseidon Sublue yachting Navbow toys


Last but not least, we stumbled upon a new portable toy presented by Poseidon Yachting. The new Sublue Navbow can travel in your carry-on luggage.

With its three speeds, this new underwater scooter by Sublue enables you to snorkel at a leisurely pace or explore the ocean sea bed thanks to its depth gauge, its temperature sensor, and compass.

One of its very practical features is that it can be programmed to estimate the percentage of battery that is left for the trip back.

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