In recent years, business and first-class flights on commercial airlines have received a major facelift. Gone are the days when the experience just entailed a seat with more space. Nowadays, if you say the words “onboard luxury” with regards to commercial airlines, rather than free drinks, passengers can expect haute cuisine, luxe onboard amenities, and, in most cases, capacious suites with features like closing doors for privacy.

With the post-pandemic travel surge, these seats are booking up quicker than ever as passengers prioritize comfort during long-haul flights. It’s worth noting that the onboard experience is just as important as the amount of space, which is why there’s an emphasis on unique menu options, high-technology touches, comfortable bedding options, and the way the airline utilizes the area. Passengers can also expect to find a bevy of luxury amenities, ranging from a personal butler to fine dining with expensive Champagne and caviar.

This group of seven ranges from business-class offerings like Delta’s One Suites and Starlux’s Business Class to private bedrooms from Singapore Airlines and a three-room suite with Etihad’s the Residence. These first and business-class flight experiences are reason enough to book an international trip.