Only recently in their nearly 100-year history did electric vehicles shapeshift from workaday transportation into maximalist expressions of automotive luxury. The genre’s lingering identity crisis resolved with the 2008 advent of the Tesla Roadster, a taut and trendy two-seater that would forever alter the auto industry (while boldly going where no four-wheeler had gone before). The six-figure sports car not only rewrote the rules of electrification, it seeded what would become Tesla’s whopping $860 billion company valuation.

A scant 15 years after that auspicious debut, the superluxury field is now flush with electrified options. Combining cutting-edge battery-powered technology with traditionalist creature comforts, these examples stop at nothing to tick every box motorists didn’t know they wanted, from remarkable ride quality and private jet–like interiors to outrageous performance. Here’s our selection of the 10 most exciting luxury EVs.