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Star-Studded: 8 Best Valentino Bags To Invest In

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When one thinks of Valentino bags, we all know the Rockstud Valentino Garavani’s pyramid design. Still, with Barbiecore trends hitting the runway this summer, all we can think about is Valentino Pink PP. 

Valentino bags such as the Loco bag are receiving a lot of traction thanks to their stand-out colors and recognizable V logo design. These Valentino bags are becoming more popular thanks to their simplicity and elegance, feeding into our sartorialist addictions.

There’s never been a better time to invest in these luxury Valentino bags, with their collection seeing a spike (or is it a rockstud) in popularity, as reported by The RealReal, one of the largest resale sites.

To save you time finding the best Valentino bags, we’ve arrived at our ultimate list of worth-it Valentino bags; you’ll buy them now and love them forever!

Rockstud Camera Bag

Valentino’s Garavani luxury Rockstud Camera Bag design is inspired by Valentino’s Rockstud motif and is lined with its iconic metal studs all around its edges showing the Roman architecture punk attitude. 

The sharp and shiny emblem started in 2010 on the T-strap heel sandals and has since been a recurring design from this Italian fashion house. I mean…it’s Rockstud! A symbol of rebellious romance and enduring appeal.

Balancing elegance and edginess, the Camera Bag can pair well with a variety of outfits, whether it’s formal office attire or a long sundress.

Best for: Snap-ready handbag. 

Release date: 2011
Price: $1,100 – $1,650


best valentino bags loco review - Luxe Digital

Added to the Valentino collection in December 2022, the 90s-inspired Loco bag mixes contemporary and classic fashion into one compact and elongated design. 

The name Loco is a romantic nod to the bag’s retro design, synonymous with the word locomotive. It gives an idea of urban movement and loco madness, a futuristic fashion staple.

The historical stand-out V logo with antique brass finish hardware gives the Valentino bag its sophisticated luxury look. Its emblem represents timelessness and consistency even with ever-changing fashion trends. 

It might not be ideal as a work bag, but it certainly meets the requirements for an evening soiree.

Best of all, the Loco bag comes in hot pink, so you can jump on the Barbiecore trend while looking chic.

Best for: Urban movement with a flash of the past.

Release date: 2022
Price: $2,590

Rockstud Spike Shoulder Bag

best valentino bags rockstud spike shoulder bag review - Luxe Digital

With its luxurious quilted leather design the Rockstud Spike shoulder bag is reminiscent of the Chanel classic flap handbag. 

It is easily one of Valentino’s most recognizable and popular handbags thanks to the iconic Rockstud roman-inspired spikes, giving the shoulder bag punk elegance. These signature studs have appeared on many Valentino accessories since the Spring/Summer 2010 collection.

The Valentino bag comes in three sizes with a turn lock closure, making it practical for leisure and work. 

All sizes have a practical interior pocket that can fit a surprising amount inside. We found wearing the Valentino bag as a crossbody perfect in medium and small sizes. 

Best for: Style meets utility.

Release date: 2011
Price: $2500 – $3000

Roman Stud The Handle

best valentino bags roman stud the handle review - Luxe Digital

The Roman Stud The Handle bag from Valentino is a gorgeous handbag with its elegant lambskin quilted material and embellished studded construction. 

Its macro Rockstuds are the newer interpretation of the traditional Valentino rockstuds, a tribute to the nailheads on Roman Palazzo doors, known for their signature architectural element of bugnato

Its design can be carried by the single top handle which is big enough to carry over your shoulder or via the detachable chain strap. It’s perfect for busy urban women who want maximum utility and style all in one.

The classic antique brass on the bag brings the luxury Rome Valentino look and doesn’t disappoint. 

Best for: Roman refinement.

Release date: 2021
Price: $3,550

VSling Handbag

best valentino bags vsling handbag review - Luxe Digital

This VSling handbag is one of the most versatile Valentino bags. Its shoulder strap allows you to wear it either long or short and be dressed up or down.

Its design comes in many variations, whether you want a crystalized logo or a grainy design. The traditional embellished Vlogo magnetic closure makes it simple to use on the go.

Despite this Valentino bag being bigger than others, the interior is pretty small, so it’s best for carrying only essentials. It’s the ultimate classic luxury shoulder bag.

Best for: Rocking the day with style. 

Release date: 2019
Price: $1,000-$3,250

SuperVee Crossbody Bag

best valentino bags supervee crossbody bag review - Luxe Digital

The Supervee crossbody bag comes in two different sizes, with a multitude of colors to choose from and attractive bold hardware. 

Its crossbody design features an adjustable strap and internal pocket with a front flap and traditional Vlogo magnetic fastening for ease of use.

The bold hardware might not be for some, but its edgy look makes a statement and draws attention when you enter a room.

Best for: Small but fierce. 

Release date: 2021
Price: $1,900-$2,900

VLogo Clutch

best valentino bags vlogo clutch review - Luxe Digital

We all know YSL is the queen of luxury clutches, but the VLogo clutch from Valentino really is a gorgeous, sophisticated clutch. 

Its simple luxury design has minimal hardware, a ziplined closure, and a removable strap for practicality. This Valentino clutch would be perfect as an evening bag or a minimal day bag when worn with its strap.

Best for: Chic simplicity.

Release date: 2021
Price: $800-$1250

One Stud Top Handle Bag

best valentino bags one stud top handle bag review - Luxe Digital

As seen on celebrities like Zendaya and models such as Mona Tougaard, the Valentino One Stud bag is one of the most wanted Valentino handbag picks on our list.

The cute nappa leather flap bag is centered with an oversized version of Valentino’s memorable rockstud design, while the envelope shape keeps it looking elegant and light. 

You can find this One Stud Bag in many different colors, and its design also comes as a chain version. 

Best for: Signature Valentino.

Release date: 2022
Price: $3,550

A brief history of Valentino 

Valentino is one of the most recognizable brands in the world, next to the likes of Hermes and Prada. 

Founded in the 1960s, Valentino has been through many creative successes, from its Fiesta red dress in the early beginnings to the most recent Valentino Pink trend in the 2020s. 

After Pierpaolo Piccioli took solo creative control in 2016, we’ve seen Valentino’s updated VLogo signature appear on recent Rockstud bags, keeping the brand’s classic look while combining it with contemporary fashion.

The recognizable hardware pyramid shape can be found on all Valentino bags, from small leather wallets to tote bags.

How much does a Valentino bag cost?

Valentino’s handbags, wallets, and purses all vary in cost. You tend to see the price go up when the bag size gets bigger. 

For example, the Valentinos micro Loco bags cost around $1,490, while the small versions double in price at $3,250. Prices always vary according to the season and availability. 

That being said, Valentino offers luxury bags at a much lower cost than other competitors like Louis Vuitton. You can also find excellent resale prices with a little hunting on Vestiaire Collective, The RealReal or Fashionphile.

Frequently asked questions about the best Valentino bags

What is the most popular Valentino product?

One of the most popular product lines from Valentino is the Valentino Garavani Rockstud. This line includes signature products with recognizable pyramid-shaped studs featured on bags, leather goods, and shoes.

Are Valentino bags good quality?

Yes, Valentino is well-known for producing good quality bags with detailed craftsmanship that last many years.

Do Valentino bags retain value?

It must be said that when compared to the likes of Hermes, Chanel and Dior, Valentino bags don’t hold as much resale value. However, the most recognizable bags, such as the VLogo, Rockstud, and Roman Stud, all speak classic Valentino and retain their value well.

Is Valentino a high-end luxury brand?

Valentino is a widely recognized luxury fashion brand. However, it is not as high end as the likes of Hermes and Chanel.

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