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Refreshing Scents For Summer 2023

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Summer is in full bloom, which means less clothes and more skin in the unprecedentedly blistering heatwaves we are facing now. The heat may be high, but who said hot and sticky can’t also be sexy and romantic? Summer presents itself as the perfect time to debut a new fragrance that is light, bright and romantic all at once. For your summer romance, here are six of our favourites.

Maison Margiela : On A Date

Sweet wine, grape candy or rose water? Well, this eau de toilette from Maison Margiela’s Replica fragrance collection inspired by a date in Provence smells like the acidity and sweetness of sparkling wine blended with the woodiness of barrels used to age salty balsamic vinegar. Call it a skin scent if you will as its sillage radiates sensually across the collarbones and neck.

Dior: Jasmin des Anges

Christian Dior Jasmin des Anges

Jasmine was used in ancient times as a scent for seduction with its heavy, sweet, tar-like pungency. La Collection Privée Christian Dior presents its contemporary take in the form of Jasmin des Anges, lightening the heaviness of the jasmine by blending it with bergamot for crispness. As for its packaging, it’s part of the Dioriviera capsule collection that celebrates all things summery and bright.

Diptyque: Eau Nabati


Conjuring the romance of a leisurely summer stroll with your partner somewhere in Europe is Diptyque’s Eau Nabati, one of 2023’s most stand-out fragrances so far. Think the zestiness of bergamot, the warmth of petit grain and a refreshing burst of immortelle flowers. Its sillage too is stunning for such a lightweight fragrance — up to eight hours in this summer heat.

Dolce & Gabbana: K


Dolce & Gabbana’s K by Dolce & Gabbana is as enigmatic and sexily mysterious as its name suggests. It might not seem as summer-like when compared to Light Blue, but if you’re looking for an aquatic fragrance with some seductiveness, this is it. Expect the classic Dolce & Gabbana notes of fresh oranges, berries and geranium but with a syrupy fig nectar which makes it voluptuous for the season.

Mugler: Angel Elixir

Mugler Angel Elixir

How does the 2023 version of Mugler Angel stand up to 1992’s? Frankly, the latter will always be an undisputed original but for anybody who wants an equally feisty yet androgynously sexy eau de parfum, Mugler Angel Elixir is at once woody, gourmand, and floral. This romantic scent will have your date thinking about the next meet-up already with just one spritz.

Penhaligon’s: Solaris

Penhaligon’s Solaris

Penhaligon’s Solaris might be peak summer nostalgia for some with its notes of juicy blackcurrant, floral neroli, and sweet vanilla. Think lazy days by the beach, bathing in the sun while the ocean softly kisses the shore.

A version of this article was first published on Men’s Folio Singapore.

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