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Ralph Lauren: A Refined Patchwork Of Eternal Elegance

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In the annals of fashion history, few names resonate with enduring elegance and alluring American style quite like Ralph Lauren. Since its inception in 1967, Ralph Lauren has become more than a fashion brand; it is a recognizable and revered symbol of aspiration and an embodiment of the (neatly tailored) American Dream

I don’t design clothes. I design dreams.

—Ralph Lauren himself once said so eloquently.

Striking the delicate balance between aspiration and approachability, Ralph Lauren has masterfully turned these dreams into a sartorial reality for many of us. For over half a century.

Ralph Lauren’s refined patchwork of sub-brands—each bearing its own unique persona and purpose—reflects the designer’s uncanny ability to capture unexpected contradictions that fuel individualities in a nation known for its diversity and stark contrasts. 

Whether it’s the uptown glamor of New York City, the rugged allure of Colorado’s ranch life, the boats and beaches of Nantucket, Ivy League college campuses, English-influenced country clubs, or the Hamptons and its manicured lawns, Ralph Lauren’s designs draw inspiration from the many multifaceted individualities that make up the rich fabric of American culture. 

Discover the world (or rather, the universe) of Ralph Lauren as we traverse through the varied landscapes that contribute to the brand’s timeless legacy and ageless appeal

Saddle up! We have a lot of riding to do.

From Polo To Purple Label: The eclectic expressions of Ralph Lauren

Elevated by Old-Hollywood grandeur yet grounded in down-to-earth charm, Ralph Lauren gracefully explores the refined realms of haute couture, with a hint of New England’s rusticity.

And there’s something for everyone: from cowboy cool to perennial preppy.

Polo by Ralph Lauren: The Preppy Pioneer

Born in 1967, Polo by Ralph Lauren (often referred to simply as “Polo.”) stands as the cornerstone of Ralph Lauren’s empire, synonymous with chic casualness and the optimism of American style. 

There’s a remarkably high chance you are instantly picturing a certain iconic polo shirt with the signature embroidered polo player logo (with the collar popped up, maybe), and you wouldn’t be the only one. Worn by everyone from supermodels to school students, from royalty to rappers, from athletes to American presidents, the original label has secured a permanent presence in many wardrobes—and potentially yours. 

Ralph Lauren Collection: The Bonne Vivante

At the pinnacle of chic and feminine glamor lies the Ralph Lauren Collection—the embodiment of rarefied fashion and seamless elegance. Designed for the modern, sophisticated woman, the affluent label echoes Ralph Lauren’s unique take on timeless luxury (a favorite combo here at Luxe Digital). 

You can expect to see everyday elevated essentials such as Mulberry silk shirts and cable knit turtlenecks. You can expect to see paired-back accessories such as leather bags and belts. But amongst the sumptuous simplicity, you can also expect impeccably tailored suits and decadent accents like handcrafted velvet gowns and embellished sequin trousers.

Ralph Lauren Purple Label: The Boulevardier

For the modern gentleman who seeks nothing but the finest, Ralph Lauren Purple Label is the ultimate expression of luxury. Made-to-measure suits are hand-stitched by third-generation artisans across Italy and a simple pair of corduroys becomes a work of art. 

This is a world where cashmere sweaters and houndstooth shirts are meticulously crafted from the world’s finest fabrics with unmistakable attention to detail. While the understated designs allude to an inexplicable effortless elegance, impossible to replicate. 

RRL: The Ranch Roamer

Rooted in the rugged authenticity of everyday workwear and utility gear, RRL (pronounced “Double RL”) takes its name from Ralph and Ricky Lauren’s Colorado ranch. Featuring an eclectic mix of denim, plaid and shearling, it’s a brand that channels the spirit of adventure and the allure of the American West.

Ralph Lauren women collection - Luxe Digital

RLX: The Affluent Athlete

In the realm of RLX, the focus is on polishing up our performance. Designed to make sport stylish, the athleisure label combines fashion and functionality flawlessly. From lightweight outerwear for running and climbing to water-repellant parkas for snowboarding and skiing, it’s the go-to RL label for those who demand the best in athletic apparel without compromising on aesthetics.

Lauren: The Savvy Sartorialist

Known for its accessible price point, Lauren reflects Ralph Lauren’s democratic approach to fashion. It offers quality and style that are within reach, allowing more individuals to partake in the timeless allure of Ralph Lauren.

Flawless and fearless: Our favorite finds from Ralph Lauren Collection

Here are four of our favorite, eternally stylish RL pieces we feel should be in your wardrobe, too:

Ralph Lauren Parker Jacket

Ralph Lauren Parker Jacket - Luxe Digital

Effortlessly flattering and enormously empowering, the Ralph Lauren Parker Jacket is both a classic and an enigma. 

Modeled after the traditional men’s suit, the tailored silhouette is slimming and waist-defining. But what makes the Parker Jacket truly significant in our eyes is its ability to seamlessly merge two iconic Ralph Lauren references—the brand’s equestrian background, reflected in hacking pockets, and its naval influence, showcased through exaggerated metal buttons. 

As part of the brand’s elite label, Collection, the Ralph Lauren Parker is a symbiotic summary of the timeless brand, making it an irreplaceable addition to any capsule collection. 

Best for: Building a capsule wardrobe like a boss.

Ralph Lauren Flag Crewneck Sweater

Ralph Lauren flag crewneck sweater - Luxe Digital

Echoing the sentiment of Ralph Lauren as a manifestation of the American Dream, this sumptuous crewneck marries premium craftsmanship with a relaxed nonchalance and playful details. 

The American Flag courageously covers the front of the Ralph Lauren Flag Crewneck. And while the sweater is a lot less paired back than most Collection pieces, the 5-ply cashmere silhouette still reflects the affluent label’s unparalleled sophistication. 

As one of the brand’s more jovial designs, we appreciate Ralph Lauren’s efforts to weave together the multifaceted tapestry of American culture. The Flag Crewneck is also just a fun way to add a chic nonchalance to your luxury wardrobe. 

Best for: Flying the flag high for the American Dream. 

Ralph Lauren Capri Shirt

Ralph Lauren capri shirt - Luxe Digital

Renowned for its rugged cliffs, crystal-clear waters, and picturesque landscapes, Capri proves to be the muse behind many Ralph Lauren classics, including this striped cotton shirt for women. 

Reflecting the ease and simplicity of the Italian coastline, the Ralph Lauren Capri Shirt is a much-loved addition to the Collection line. The bold stripes address a fierce feminism. While mother-of-pearl buttons exude a delicate decadence. 

Like many Collection pieces, the beauty of the Capri shirt lies in its profound ability to bring together the worlds of laidback recreation and refined aesthetics. 

Best for: Boarding a private yacht on the South Coast of Italy. 

Ralph Lauren Wellington Crossbody

Ralph Lauren wellington crossbody - Luxe Digital

The Ralph Lauren Wellington Crossbody is a book of many stories. Handcrafted in Italy from full calfskin leather, the beautifully structured silhouette reveals Mr Lauren’s dedication to detail-orientated craftsmanship, where every whipstitch and hand-painted edge is meticulously thought through.

At the same time, the oversized polished stirrup buckle closure is a nod to the iconic brand’s equestrian heritage. And the organized interior and multi-carry options address the many requirements necessary for the modern woman.

Functionable, functional and intrinsically versatile, the Wellington Calfskin Crossbody is a wardrobe hero.

Best for: A dark horse with an uncanny ability to elevate any ensemble. 

Suited and booted: Our favorite finds from Ralph Lauren Purple Label

Here are our favorite Purple’s fashion finds that will leave any gentleman green with envy:

Ralph Lauren Gregory Twill Suit Jacket

Ralph Lauren gregory twill suit jacket - Luxe Digital

We see a well-tailored suit as an investment into a lifetime of victorious client meetings and successful first dates. 

A highly coveted addition to the Purple Label collection, The Ralph Lauren Gregory Twill Suit Jacket speaks to the label’s unwavering commitment to flawless Italian craftsmanship. Carefully chosen by the renowned designer, the lightweight fabric allows the jacket to transition seamlessly from winter to summer. While thoughtful details such as handsewn buttonholes and perfectly placed pockets exude unparalleled sophistication.

The Gregory Twill Suit Jacket is modern, timeless and versatile, perfect for dominating the boardroom with a strong-but-approachable persona. 

Best for: Sealing the deal with style. 

Ralph Lauren Cable Knit Sweater

Ralph Lauren cable knit sweater - Luxe Digital

Regardless of how many cable knit sweaters we own, we’re always willing to make room for one more if it’s this one by Ralph Lauren Purple Label. 

Crafted from the highest quality cashmere from the mountains of Mongolia, the sumptuous sweater is impossibly soft and scratch-free, proving that it’s always worth spending a little more on elevated basics as they usually make up the greatest portion of your look. 

Uncomplicated and timeless, the Ralph Lauren Cable Knit Sweater comes in a range of colors—from classic neutrals to statement hues. And while it seems impossible to choose just one, over time we’re pretty sure you’ll have added a few to your arsenal. They’re that comfortable. 

Best for: Knitting together comfort and sophistication. 

Purple Label End-on-End Shirt

Ralph Lauren purple label end on end shirt - Luxe Digital

The End-on-End cuff shirt shirt is another wardrobe staple that we always find ourselves reaching for when we want to impress—whether it’s a manager, a client or a first date. 

Made in Italy from the finest cotton weave, the simple silhouette is instantly elevated and perfectly detailed with a white collar, contoured shoulder and French cuffs. The natural fibers are also moisture-wicking and sweat-resistant, so no matter how nervous we are for the deal to go through, our partner doesn’t have to know about it. 

Best for: Hiding our nerves behind a cool, confident facade. 

Purple Label Polo Pique Shirt

Ralph Lauren polo pique shirt - Luxe Digital

A more luxurious take on a brand icon, the Purple Label Polo Pique Shirt takes the equestrian classic to new heights. 

Celebrating the relaxed, collared, short-sleeved style that has unwavered in popularity over the decades, the reinterpreted basic introduces new decadent details. The most noticeable is the Standing Horse Logo, reflecting Purple Label’s coveted exclusivity. 

The Purple Label Polo further reinforces its prominent position with genuine mother-of-pearl buttons and lightweight pique fabric knit with premium cotton. An extensive range of hues allows for a touch of individualism. 

Best for: An elevated brand icon. 

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