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Pirouetting Through Life: The Best Ballet Flats Are On Pointe

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Ballet flats: the epitome of grace and elegance. These classic closed-toe shoes have jetéd their way back into our capsule wardrobes as the ultimate it-girl footwear, a favorite of Gigi Hadid, Meghan Markle, Katie Holmes, and J-Lo (just to name a few.)

Personally, I adored ballet flats as a young girl. And then rebelled against them adamantly as a teenager, opting for chunky soled streetwear sneakers instead. But in my adult era, my sartorial perspective is a little more balanced. And while I may style them slightly differently (exchanging sequined tulles for pleated pantsuits), I have to agree with my seven-year-old self: Ballerina flats are undeniably chic. 

In the age of androgynous dressing, delicate ballet flats have become a balancing staple, marrying together borrowed-from-the-boys styles with a more feminine flair. One of our favorite everyday ensembles is drapey boyfriend denims paired with cute ballet flats and a basic tee. While an oversized suit and ballet flats are a little more formal and office-friendly (especially if you have a close-toe shoe policy.)

That being said, the ballet flats you choose make all the difference. There are the versions that are best stowed away in your daughter’s dress-up cupboard. And there are the ones that deserve to take center stage in your carefully curated capsule wardrobe. 

Here are our best ballet flats for women. Cute, comfortable, and classy, they’re always on pointe!

The 11 best ballet flats for women

Koio Aurora

We love Koio Aurora ballet flats’ modern minimalism with their sleek, all-black design and soft square toes. 

The shoe is unmistakably premium, featuring a decadent semi-shine finish and meticulous attention to detail. The elastic strap closure is comfortable and easy to slip on, while the padded footbed provides a well-cushioned step. 

These comfortable Koio ballet flats are also ultra versatile. Pair them with relaxed denims and a white tee. Or dress them up with a blazer and a designer work bag. Either way, you’ll look the part.

Best for: Walking here, there, and everywhere.

Material: Nappa leather
Color: Black

M.Gemi The Danza

best ballet flats mgemi the danza review - Luxe Digital

One of the biggest problems that we find with ballet flats is that many designs are totally unflattering, especially if you have shorter legs. The Danza by M.Gemi has the solution with a hidden wedge that adds a little height without compromising comfort. Talk about elevated essentials. 

Handmade in Tuscany, the leather ballet flats also take decadent detailing to new heights. Distinguished by dainty crystals attached to the classical ballerina bow, The Danza is unapologetically sophisticated and scintillating. 

If you want a shoe to add a touch of elevated elegance to your otherwise androgynous ensembles, The Danza is an unparalleled choice. Plus, they’re some of the most comfortable flats we’ve ever tested.

Best for: Pirouetting through life with grace and ease. 

Material: Nappa leather
Color: Black, Red, Silver

Mansur Gavriel Square Toe Ballerina

best ballet flats mansur gavriel review - Luxe Digital

Mansur Gavriel’s ballet flats reimagine the timeless shoe through a modern lens. 

Crafted from supple Italian lambskin leather, the soft shoe fits like a glove. And the padded footbed is superlatively comfortable. 

Defined by its signature square toe, the contemporary silhouette is effortlessly chic and on-trend. While the elegant, understated bow maintains a classical feel. 

Sleek and refined, the Square Toe Ballerina by Mansur Gavriel can be monogrammed for a personalized touch. 

Best for: The classical dancing shoe gets a modern makeover.

Material: Lambskin leather
Color: Gold, Green, Black + More

Gucci Double G Ballerina

best ballet flats gucci review - Luxe Digital

While we usually opt for more understated, logo-less capsule wardrobe classics, we’ll always make an exception for the Gucci Double G. Here, the iconic emblem is beautifully displayed in chunky crystals, adding quintessential glamor to the classical dancing shoe. 

The biggest difference with the Gucci Double G Ballerina Flat (besides the higher price tag) is the open-back, buckle closure. Unlike traditional ballet flats, the designer shoe is a mix between an ankle strap sandal and a closed-toe pump. We love the twist. 

Plus,  it makes the seasonless shoes incredibly comfortable to wear for extended periods of time (while still adhering to your workplace’s closed-toe shoe policy.)

Best for: Adding a touch of Gucci glamor to your getup. 

Material: Patent leather
Color: Pale Pink, Black

Allbirds Tree Breezers

best ballet flats allbirds review - Luxe Digital

If you’ve ever owned a pair of Allbirds Tree Breezers, we’ll bet that your friends and family know about these shoes. Unparalleled in comfort and sustainability, they’re the kind of shoes you don’t stop speaking about. 

Made from an all-natural eucalyptus tree fiber, the Tree Breezers are by far the lightest footwear we’ve ever owned. And as one of the most eco-friendly brands, they’re just as featherlight on the planet. 

They’re also unbelievably breathable and odor-reducing. They fit like a glove. And basically, it feels like you’re walking around in socks, but with the added comfort of a cushioned footbed.

Aesthetically, the Tree Breezers veer towards casual, but if you dress them up with pleated slacks you may be able to get away with them at the office.

Best for: Featherlight footwear that doesn’t leave an environmental footprint. 

Material: Eucalyptus tree fiber
Color: Black, Beige, Pink +More

Miu Miu Satin Ballerina

best ballet flats miu miu satin ballerina review - Luxe Digital

Miu Miu’s ballerina took us by surprise. Although we’ve seen them on all the fashion influencers, we, ourselves, had never really desired a pair. Until we added them to our arsenal—more to see what all the hype was about—and now we understand. 

Delivering a daring twist on a classical design, the satin silhouette is accented with bold-logo emblazoned straps—a nod to the brand’s playful yet polished aesthetic. Wear them with or without socks for an undeniably sporty streetwear edge, that simultaneously pays homage to timeless trends. 

Comfort-wise, Miu Miu’s satin ballerina flats are just as soft and snug as they look.

Best for: Marrying cute bow ties with sporty streetwear styles. 

Material: Leather
Color: Black, Pale Pink, White

Repetto Sophia Ballerina

best ballet flats repetto review - Luxe Digital

Repetto is renowned as the pièce de résistance of ballet flats. 

Like all Repetto ballet shoes, the soft silhouette is extremely bendy. This means that they are totally non-resistive and mold to your foot. However, it also means that you feel most things on New York’s pavements. And because of this, we prefer to keep ours as a mostly-indoor shoe. 

The thing we love most about the Sophia Ballerina is the satin wraparound ankle ribbons. They’re exactly what we would imagine Anna Pavlova taking the stage in for Swan Lake.

Best for: The world’s a stage for practicing your plies. 

Material: Leather
Color: Black, Pink, Beige

Loeffler Randall Leonie

best ballet flats loeffler randall review - Luxe Digital

Loeffler Randall is the queen of elevated basics.

Fuss-free and flawless, the simple silhouette honors the classical ballerina shoe through its traditional detailing, meticulous craftsmanship and premium materials. Made from an organic satin-silk blend, the New York-designed shoe is superlatively soft, light and breathable. While the structured silhouette is more supportive than most. 

We’ve walked miles and miles in these cute flats and we never feel the need to rip them off after a long day. Plus, these versatile ballet flats quite literally go with everything, adding a sophisticated touch to the most basic ensemble. 

Best for: Tackling New York’s pavements with quintessential elegance. 

Material: Satin silk blend
Color: Black, Brown

Le Monde Beryl Mary Jane

best ballet flats le monde beryl review - Luxe Digital

Marry the delicate dancer shoe with the quintessential childhood design and you have the cutest flats around. Le Monde Beryl’s Mary Jane ballet flats fuse vintage allure with contemporary craftsmanship—and childhood whimsy with effortless sophistication. 

The brand’s ballet flats with straps come in an ethereal gold mesh, echoing the brand’s innovative use of color and materials. The delicate mesh also makes them incredibly light and breathable. While padded insoles provide a comfortable cushioned step. 

If you’re looking for a pair that’s a little more out-there, yet still easy to wear, Le Monde Beryl is an unrivaled choice. 

Best for: A touch of old-world grace and childlike charm. 

Tory Burch Cap Toe Ballet

best ballet flats tory burch cap toe ballet review - Luxe Digital

Perhaps most similar to the quintessential Chanel ballet flats, Tory Burch’s pair is high-end in every way. Distinguished by its contrasted patent leather cap toe, the designer ballet flats exude sophistication and elegance, but with a slightly more contemporary edge. 

Unlike genuine ballet flats, these leather pumps are more structured and supportive, holding their shape, while dancing their way through life. 

Accented with the brand’s signature double-T logo in gold, the Tory Burch ballet flat further differentiates itself as a modern designer label. While the cute, classical bow appeals to time-honored traditions. 

Best for: A modern take on the classical Chanel ballet flat. 

Material: Leather
Color: Black, Beige, Silver

Dream Pairs Ballet Flats

best ballet flats dream pairs review - Luxe Digital

Ballet flats are back. Rhinestones are in. What better combination than a rhinestone-adorned ballet flat. Especially if you’re looking for cute flats—as opposed to heels— to complement your evening attire.

The rhinestone embellishments add a festive flair (and they don’t fall off), while the simple silhouette is more paired back and easy to wear. When it comes to comfort, the cushioned footbed, pull-on design and flexible soles are practically a formal take on slippers. 

The Dream Pairs ballet flats are also surprisingly affordable for a quality pair of shoes. They do, however, tend to run small, so we recommend sizing up for a perfect fit. 

Best for: Making your functional-formal dreams come true. 

Material: Rubber
Color: Gold, Black, Silver + More

Frequently asked questions about the best women’s ballet flats

What type of ballet flats are in style?

Ballet flats with pointed toes, minimalistic designs, and sustainable materials are the most classical choice. While square toes are considered more contemporary. Ballet flats featuring unique embellishments, such as bows or buckles are currently in style.

Are ballet flats worth it?

One of fashion’s favorite flats, ballet flats have proven to be a timeless shoe choice. However, the closed-toe shoe has developed a reputation for being uncomfortable, so to avoid the blisters we highly recommend investing in one of the best ballet flats.

Can you wear ballet flats in the fall?

Ballet flats are suitable for fall. One of the best things about the closed-toe shoe is that they’re a seasonless staple. Styled with tights or ankle socks for added warmth, ballet flats look great with fall dresses and cozy knits.

What ballet flats does Meghan Markle wear?

Meghan Markle has been spotted wearing various ballet flats, favoring brands like Rothy’s, Aquazzura, and Sarah Flint’s ‘Natalie’ flats. And, of course, she loves her Chanel ballet flats.

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