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Pininfarina’s New $5 Million Open-Top Electric Hypercar Has No Need for a Windshield

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Pininfarina really blew the roof off at Monterey Car Week.

The Italian coachbuilder unveiled a breathtaking new roofless hypercar at this year’s automotive festival, and it’s more expensive than any other EV currently on the market. Christened the B95, the handcrafted ride is priced at $4.78 million (€4.4 million) and will be limited to just 10 examples.

Exclusivity isn’t the car’s only selling point, of course. Rooted in Pininfarina’s new PURA design philosophy, the B95 exemplifies retro-futuristic style by pairing classic proportions and exquisite detailing with the latest technological innovations. The “B” stands for barchetta, or “little boat” in Italian, and also denotes the open-top body. (The “95” signifies the 95th anniversary Pininfarina’s will celebrate in 2025 by rolling out the 10 B95s.) Replete with sleek, muscular lines, the body is finished in a glossy Bronzo Superga paint with gold metallic flakes and features black exposed carbon detailing. Black also runs across the forged aluminum wheels.

Pininfarina B95 Electric Hypercar

The body is finished in a glossy Bronzo Superga paint.


The folks in Turin have done away with the glasshouse completely but devised a nifty way to protect your neck. In lieu of a windshield, the B95 is equipped with “the world’s first electronically adjustable aero screens.” Inspired by vintage fighter planes, the clear polycarbonate panels are mated to exposed aluminum supports and can be raised or lowered by drivers on demand. Pininfarina says the screens ensure fast-moving air is sent over and above passengers without detracting from the car’s minimalist design.

“This patented new technology enables the thrill of open-top driving, yet in comfort even at the high speed that the B95 is capable of reaching,” Pininfarina’s CTO Andrea Crespi said in a statement.

Those high speeds are guaranteed, too. The B95 sports the same powertrain as the Battista hyper GT, but it’s been tuned by the automaker. Equipped with four individual motors, the EV can sprint from a standstill to 60 mph in under two seconds on its way to 186 mph (300km/h) at full tilt. It is also equipped with a 120 kWh lithium-ion battery that can charge from 20- to 80-percent battery capacity in 25 minutes using a DC fast charger. Pininfarina didn’t specify the B95’s range, but the Battista can cover 300 miles on a single charge.

Pininfarina B95 Electric Hypercar

Tan leather runs across the cabin.


Inside, the tan leather runs across the sculptural dashboard and enveloping race seats that are designed to curve around the passengers. There are also touches of black aluminum to further marry the interior with the exterior.

The best part is Pininfarina says each one of the 10 examples will be unique. Collectors are able to customize the B95 to taste. The aluminum door plate can be laser engraved, for instance. You can also order a bespoke helmet to match your ride because cruising at 190 mph with no windscreen is no joke.

Click here to see all the photos of the B95.

Pininfarina B95 Electric Hypercar


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