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Mercedes-Maybach’s Electric Cars Will Now Drive You to This Bonkers Balloon Ride Into Space

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Mercedes-Maybach electric vehicles will deliver space-tourist clients to Space Perspective’s balloon before it heads into the stratosphere. But the companies are also exploring ways to bring “elements of the Maybach experience,” into the capsule, according to Space Perspective.

The addition of Mercedes as a commercial partner is a boost to Space Perspective, a Florida start-up that is building a space balloon experience for high-net-worth individuals to travel 100,000 feet above the planet’s surface. The company has designed its Neptune capsule as a spa, with a lounge that includes eight reclining seats, a bar, a lavatory, and large windows to enjoy the view. A seat costs $125,000. There is even Wi-Fi if participants want to livestream the eight-hour flight.

Space Balloon Space Perspective

Space Perspective’s Neptune capsule will begin taking passengers 100,000 feet above the Earth next year.

Space Perspective

Mercedes-Maybach and Space Perspective are also exploring “design and hospitality integrations” for explorers’ end-to-end experiences. “Our design teams are in talks about potential integrations from the Maybach experience,” Jane Poynter, Co-CEO of Space Perspective, said in an emailed statement to Robb Report.

Poynter previously told Robb Report the balloon experience is much more sustainable than the 11-minute rides offered by Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin. “Everything is slow, gentle, and comfortable,” she said. “You’re not blasting into space on top of a rocket, with the fury and vibrations that involves.”

Space balloon Space Perspective

The lounge of the Neptune capsule could receive some help from Mercedes-Maybach.

Space Perspective

Space Perspective plans to launch its first flight next year in Florida. The company has built a special vessel called MS Voyager to retrieve the capsule on splash-down. It also plans to launch space-balloon flights in other parts of the world. Two competitors, French-based Zephalto and Arizona-based World View, promise similar luxe experiences.

Mercedes-Maybach showed a brief glimpse of the space balloon in its global brand film as part of a campaign to show “how the driving experience transports passengers to the beyond,” said a statement. Daniel Lescow, head of Mercedes-Maybach, said the partnership allows the automaker “to extend the highest level of Maybach refinement and brand experience to the edge of space.”

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