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Meet Vatoz, a Luxe New 32-Foot Foiling Yacht That Was Inspired by a Stingray

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Enata Marine just unveiled an exclusive new riff on its famed 32-foot foiling yacht.

Christed Vatoz, the carbon-fiber day cruiser is based on the original Foiler model’s chassis but is far more luxurious than its predecessor. It’s more exclusive, too, with just eight units heading to production.

Named after the Turkish word for stingray, Vatoz is designed to move through water like a sea creature with minimal impact on the surrounding environment. To that end, the runabout is equipped with foils that allow it to “fly” five feet above the water with almost no wake. Reduced drag greatly lowers the fuel consumption to half or even a third of that of a normal boat, according to Enata. In addition, the UAE outfit’s proprietary Wingman management system automatically adjusts the foils on the fly to improve the ride.

Enata Marine Vatoz Foiling Yacht

The sleek carbon-fiber exterior.

Enata Marine

Penned by renowned yacht designer Timur Bozca, the newcomer artfully blends form and function with a sleek, aerodynamic exterior that expertly directs the air around it. Powered by two turbo diesel engines rated at 370 hp each, Vatoz can cruise at between 18 and 35 knots or soar to a top speed of 40 knots when foiling. As for range, the yacht can cover 190 nautical miles when traveling at 20 knots or 150 nautical miles at 30 knots. Enata says the torpedoes and foils mean that Vatoz is 50 percent more efficient than a traditional boat.

“The main idea behind Vatoz is to create the maximum dynamics inspired by the stingray,” Bozca said in a statement. “Behind the clean surfaces and curved lines lies an aerodynamic exhibition.”

Enata Marine Vatoz Foiling Yacht

The luxe cabin.

Enata Marine

Onboard, Vatoz features beautifully designed seats up top and a sophisticated cabin and washroom below. The interior is outfitted with elegant windows and a skylight that ensures it is saturated with natural light. The space also showcases finishes and furnishings of superyacht caliber. What sets this fleet member apart, however, are the dynamic wings on its sides. The two structures make it easier to access the bow and also create additional storage space.

Enata unveiled the Foiler flying yacht in 2018, then followed up with the Foiler USV (Unmanned Surface Vehicle) this year. Production of the bonkers self-sailing variant is currently underway and a working demonstrator is expected to launch in late 2023 or early 2024. Stay tuned.

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Enata Marine Vatoz Foiling Yacht

Enata Marine

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