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McMurtry Spéirling fan car ready to warp your senses for $1M

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Built by a tiny British startup, the McMurtry Spéirling is an electric track car that puts most pedigreed supercars to shame. Now you can own one.

McMurtry is building a run of 100 customers cars, dubbed Spéirling Pure, priced from 820,000 British pounds, or $1.04 million at current exchange rates. Pre-production is scheduled to start in 2024, with deliveries following in 2025, according to a company press release. U.S. availability was not discussed.

The company had previously discussed plans for a road-going version of the Spéirling, but the Spéirling Pure still seems mainly focused on track driving. It incorporates most of the features of the original Spéirling engineering demonstrator, which racing driver Max Chilton used to set a record time of 39.08 seconds at the 2022 Goodwood Hill Climb.

McMurtry Spéirling Pure

McMurtry Spéirling Pure

Those features include a fan-powered ground-effects system, which McMurtry claims is a first for a commercially available car. The fan system, which in concert with sealing skirts creates low pressure underneath the car to suck it down onto the track, will enable 3 g of grip during cornering “at accessible speeds,” the company claims.

Peak output is 1,000 hp, which is sent to the rear wheels in a vehicle that weighs less than 2,200 pounds. The same combination of high power and low weight enabled the original Spéirling prototype to achieve 1.4-second 0-60 mph and 7.97-second quarter-mile times. McMurtry didn’t list updated figures for the Spéirling Pure, but noted that new gearing enables a 190-mph top speed.

McMurtry Spéirling Pure

McMurtry Spéirling Pure

The Spéirling Pure has the same 60-kwh battery capacity as the first prototype but features a new thermal management system and changes to the cells and pack casing that reduce weight by 3% and 15.5%, respectively. Other components, including the wiring loom, wheels, braking system, pedal box, and power steering unit, were targeted for weight savings as well.

McMurtry plans to begin testing a validation prototype of the Spéirling Pure in the U.K. and Europe later this year, alongside a campaign to break more records.

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