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Maison 21G Unveils The “Four Scents of Singapore”

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Scents Of Singapore Petite Collection – Four 5ml Fragrances with a Sleek Black Connector

How do you encapsulate a nation in a fragrance? How do you bottle an atmospheric ambiance, the sensorial sensation or ocean breeze? Maison 21G, a pioneer in bespoke fragrance experiences, deliveres four mini scents referencing the famed landmarks of the city. When it came to the packaging, Maison 21G joined forces with Singaporean artist and illustrator, Jasper Tan resulting in a charming blend of surrealism and whimsicality, providing a fresh perspective on the beauty of Singapore. The chosen colours also pay homage to the national flag.

Scents Of Singapore Petite Collection

According to founder and CEO of Maison 21G, Johanna Monange, the curation of these fragrances involved months of dedicated research culminating in a sensory experience that not only evokes the spirit of the island but the famed landmarks to the lush greenery within it. She expressed her excitement stating, “We are thrilled to introduce ‘Scents of Singapore’ to fragrance enthusiasts and those who love this remarkable city— both locals and travelers alike.”

Scents Of Singapore Petite Collection

The breakdown of the four mini scents are as follows:

Ocean Bay: The Marine Scent – Indulge in the essence of Singapore’s famed Merlion and Sentosa Skyline through this invigorating marine fragrance. Escape into its refreshing embrace as it captures the boundless liveliness of the city-state, transporting you to a serene oasis of tranquillity. Let this light and carefree scent uplift your spirits and evoke a sense of liberation, setting you free to embrace the joys of life with renewed energy.

High Tea: The Delicate Scent – Engulf yourself in the graceful charm of Singapore’s Raffles Hotel with this enthralling fragrance. Infused with the freshness of citrus, the smoothing essence of green tea, and the delicate whispers of greenery, it captures the flavours of Singapore in a bottle. Experience the vibrant spirit of Singapore and uplift your day with this energizing and spicy scent that enlivens your senses, invoking a sense of elegance and sophistication.

Orchid GardenThe Floral Scent – A fragrance that immerses you in the radiant floral notes inspired by Singapore’s national flower. Embodied with the essence of the Orchid Botanic Garden and Supertrees, this enchanting scent transports you to a whimsical paradise where you feel the gentle caress of delicate petals. Allow this scent to whisk you away to a world where nature’s symphony harmonizes with your soul.

Jungle City: The Green Scent – Embark on a journey that unveils the captivating duality of Singapore’s MacRitchie Reservoir and Marina Bay Sands. Fresh and green, this scent captures the untamed essence of nature amidst a bustling cityscape. Experience the confident allure and invigorating radiance that this fragrance exudes where the coexistence of nature’s tranquillity and urban splendour flourishes.

Scents Of Singapore Petite Collection

Each “Scents Of Singapore” collection contains four 5ml Eau de Parfum sprays and one sleek black connector. Connect two sprays to the connector and you not only create your own Dual Crayon but you also possess a portable mini scent wardrobe, ensuring you can refresh your fragrance throughout the day and switch up your scent at any given mood or moment. Additionally, it’s portable size fits seamlessly in a pocket or bag, making it the perfect companion for any journey.

For more on the “Scents of Singapore” fragrances, head to Maison 21G here.

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