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Living Vehicle’s Newest Travel Trailer Generates Enough Solar Energy to Live Off Grid for 30 Days

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Living Vehicle has found a way to pack everything you need for off-the-grid camping into a smaller package.

The California-based maker of high-end travel trailers has just unveiled its latest model, the HD24. The new vehicle is the HD lineup’s shortest but still packs everything you need to take your life on the road for weeks at a time.

The HD24, like its predecessors, is basically a big aluminum box. The biggest difference between it and the rest of the company’s offerings is its 24-foot length. That makes it significantly shorter than other HD models, which range in length between 30 and 36 feet. The HD24 still comes with all the features you expect of a Living Vehicle’s trailer, though, including a sliding glass door, a folding patio deck and two motorized awnings. Most importantly, at least for those who really want to get away from it all, is that the roof is lined with solar panels that feed its 72-kWh energy system.

Inside the Living Vehicle HD24

Inside the Living Vehicle HD24

Matt Wier/Living Vehicle

Inside, the trailer looks more like a luxury apartment than an RV, thanks to its clean, minimalist design. The space has been put to good use, too. There’s a full-feature kitchenette with a moveable island, an entertainment area with lounge seating that converts into a queen bed and a bathroom with its own dedicated shower. Most intriguing, though, might be a five-by-eight-foot multi-purpose area on the other end of the trailer that can be used as a mobile office, guest room or laundry area with a stackable washer and dryer. Other interior features include a 42-inch flatscreen TV, a mini-split HVAC system that can be used year-round and an optional dehumidifier that can produce up to five gallons of purified water per day.

The Living Vehicle HD24 at dusk

Matt Wier/Living Vehicle

The HD24 is available to order now through Living Vehicle’s website and starts at $299,995. Four trim levels are available. The base model Eco has 600 watts of solar power, the Cor (which starts at $359,995) has 1,200 watts, the Max ($459,995) has 2,400 watts and the Pro ($599,995) has 3,400 watts, providing enough energy for up to 30 days of off-the-grid living.

Click here for more photos of the Living Vehicle HD24.

The Living Vehicle HD24 in Photos

Matt Wier/Living Vehicle

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