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Japan Airlines Unveils a New First-Class Suite With a Double Bed

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Japan Airlines has figured out a way to outclass even its own first class. The commercial airline just revealed what the cabin on the Airbus A350-1000, the airline’s new flagship for long-haul travel, will look like.

The changes in first class are especially impressive. The six suites offer privacy, versatile seat configurations, and extra space—the suites are 1.5 times larger than the previous design.

They accomplished this, in part, by removing the overhead storage compartment to create a more open design. Carry-on bags will now be stored in a space under the bed. The suites also have doors to maximize privacy, while the seats can be configured three positions: sofa, chair with a bed, or a double-bed.

Japan Airlines First-class Suites.

The design allows for a double bed, reclining seat, along with a privacy door.

Japan Airlines

The most impressive feature, at least technology-wise, is what JAL calls the “world’s first headphone-free stereo,” which are essentially speakers in the headrest. They allow passengers to enjoy entertainment sans ‘phones by listening to music and podcasts or watching a 43-inch 4K Panasonic television that is comparable to a good home system.

The suites also have closets to hang clothes and jackets, and complimentary sleepwear smooths the rough edges of long-haul flight—as do the personal minibar and digital monitor for communicating with the flight attendants.

Japan Airlines first class suites.

The suites include a closet, personal minibar and large Panasonic entertainment system.

Japan Airlines

The airline is also upgrading business-class seating. First, it’s installing privacy doors for each seat, and to enhance the space, the overhead compartment has been moved to the window sides to deliver that more open feel.

The seats transform to lay-flat beds measuring an impressive 78 inches and incorporate the same stereo technology in the headrest. The area also has a small wardrobe for hanging jackets and, while the sleepwear isn’t complimentary in business class, it is available for long-haul flights.

Japan Airlines First-Class Suites.

The new suites will be available on the carrier’s A350-1000 aircraft.

Japan Airlines

Even the premium economy class seats have been upgraded to reflect the enhanced interior design. The seats have individual privacy screens between them, along with electric actuation. JAL even upsized its 16-inch monitor, so it will be 1.3 times larger than the current model.

The airline said the first of its 13 new A350-1000 aircraft will fly from Tokyo Haneda Airport to New York JFK by the end of the year.

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