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Infiniti Is Finally Going Electric With This Sleek Sedan Concept

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Infiniti is finally ready to add a much-needed jolt of excitement to its lineup.

The Japanese luxury marque has offered the first real preview of its electric future in the form of the new Vision Qe concept. The stylish sedan was unveiled during a special event held in the lead-up to the Japan Mobility Show on Tuesday and could go into production as soon as 2025.

Infiniti confirmed that its debut EV will be a four-door car as opposed to the mid-size SUVs favored by so many of its peers. We know sedans aren’t all that sexy, but the Vision Qe is different. The concept’s design is more distinctive than anything in Infiniti’s current lineup and has the potential to change how the brand is viewed both in Japan and abroad.

Infiniti Is Finally Going Electric With This Sleek Sedan Concept

Infiniti Vision Qe concept


The car’s bold look was inspired by three different Japanese philosophies and is meant to exhibit a sense of the extraordinary (or “Kabuku”), radiate speed and dynamism (“Sho”), and convey sophistication (“Sui”). All three elements come through in the all-new front fascia, which features a striking LED lighting package that accentuates its heavily sculpted shape. The front end may be a bit plow-like for some, but it’s hard to imagine anyone having issues with the rest of the vehicle’s smooth shape and fastback-style roofline. The Vision Qe manages to look both muscular and graceful, something only highlighted by its metallic Shadow Blue paint job and gold trim. Completing the package is a set of large gold wheels with a geometric pattern inspired by the tightly wound coil of an electric motor.

Infiniti was only ready to preview the Vision Qe’s exterior on Tuesday. The automaker didn’t share images of the vehicle’s interior. We also don’t know anything about its powertrain, although it wouldn’t be a surprise if it shares at least some hardware with parent company Nissan’s upcoming electric Maxima, according to Car and Driver. That vehicle will be built on the auto giant’s CMF-EV platform, which will be the basis for most if not all of its EVs by 2030.

Infiniti’s first EV will be a sedan, but it remains to be seen how closely it will resemble the Vision Qe. Motor Trend reports that the production model won’t be all that different from the prototype, which is something we can get behind. Luckily, we won’t have to wait long to find out, as the battery-powered car is expected to go into production in the next two to three years.

Click here for more photos of the Infiniti Vision Qe concept.

The Infiniti Vision Qe Concept in Photos


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