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Honda’s Bonkers New EV Concept Looks Like a Supercar from the Future, but It’s Hitting the Roads Soon

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An electric powertrain may not be the only thing radically different about Honda’s upcoming slate of EVs.

The Japanese auto giant brought two concepts, the Saloon and Space-Hub, with it to this year’s CES to preview its upcoming 0 Series lineup of battery-powered vehicles. The former looks like nothing we’ve ever seen from the brand and will be the basis for a future production model.

Take one look at the Saloon and it’s hard not to be intrigued. The EV sports a futuristic look that represents a bold new direction for Honda (and is much more cyberpunk-inspired than the Tesla Cybertruck). It has a wedge shape and clean, smooth lines running from bumper to bumper. Its shape and low-slung stance mean it looks more like a Lamborghini Diablo than the present-day Accord or Civic. The vehicle also has a bold lighting package that includes an illuminated faux grille with the company’s new borderless “H” logo at its center.

The Honda 0 Series Saloon from the side

Honda 0 Series Saloon


The EV’s interior is just as much of a departure as its exterior. A series of renderings released by Honda show a spacious cabin with surprisingly tasteful neon accent lighting. Up front, you’ll find an increasingly yoke-style steering wheel and an instrument panel that features a “human-machine interface,” which, despite its science fiction-esque name, sounds like an infotainment system. The EV will also feature “posture control” to assist drivers and allow them to better enjoy the experience of piloting a vehicle.

The unveiling was devoid of any real details about either prototype’s powertrain. A press release says that all 0 Series models will feature an e-Axle system that consists of a motor, inverter, and gearbox. The setup will get its juice from a high-density battery that offers “ample” range while minimizing pack size. Honda will also leverage its experience in robotics to develop a new steer-by-wire and motion control management system to give drivers better control over their EVs.

Inside the Honda 0 Series Saloon

Inside the 0 Series Saloon


Honda announced that the prototype will be the basis for a production vehicle expected to launch in North America in 2026. That means that the vehicle’s name, final look, and performance specs shouldn’t be too far away. As of now, there seem to be no plans to bring the Space-Hub, which is an ultra-sleek van, to the market.

Click here for more photos of the Honda 0 Series Saloon.

The Honda 0 Series Saloon in Photos


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