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Freelancing made simple thanks to this all-encompassing tool, Indy

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If the freelancing entrepreneurial lifestyle wasn’t already attractive three years ago, it certainly has taken on a life of its own post-pandemic. Many people are not only intrigued by the idea of working for themselves and having flexibility, but also the idea of turning their passion into their livelihood. 

While it’s enticing to work for yourself, it still is work. But, this concept of new-age entrepreneurialism only becomes more attainable as technology advances. 

Case and point with Indy, which is marketed as “freelancing made simple.” According to its website, Indy helps you manage your freelance business. Send proposals, sign contracts, track billable hours, create invoices, and receive payments all in one place.

When it comes to starting and managing your own business, having extra help is very much welcomed. Indy boasts nine tools all in one place where users can “save time and money.” Those nine tools include: calendar, chats, contracts, files, forms, invoices, proposals, tasks, and time tracker.

The forms are used to generate more leads. Proposals are available to pitch clients while contracts protect your business. Tasks are made to manage projects with to-do lists and kanban boards. Files allow users to store everything in one place. Time tracker monitors time while invoices help people get paid faster.

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It’s free to start, and Indy is integrated with Zapier to be able to connect to over one thousand apps to help automate your freelancing business. An Indy Pro plan also is available. 

On Indy’s launch through Product Hunt, a user commented that the platform is similar to Hectic. Maker Jonathan Ramos replied, “On a tool-by-tool basis where our features intersect, Indy is pretty comparable at a more affordable price point. We are building out the Indy Network as a place to connect, hire, and collaborate with other professionals. Definitely check that out as it grows!

“The ability to save proposal templates isn’t available yet. We’re all about finding ways to help our customers save time and clicks, so saving proposal templates is definitely on our radar. In the meantime, you can create a base proposal and duplicate/edit with each new client or project.”

In the launch pitch, fellow Indy maker Sebastian Gyr said the platform was “born when we experienced first-hand the need for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and independent workers to have a better way of balancing all the extra responsibilities that come with the territory,” explaining that, oftentimes, business owners are their own project managers, administrative assistant, and legal team. 

The makers, which also include Iva Cindri, state that Indy’s nine core tools will be free forever, “so that independent workers have access to everything they need to grow their business.”

This might be beneficial for someone just about to get started on a new business, but might be more trouble than it’s worth for someone up and moving. That being said, if something’s broke, it might be worth fixing with a new tool.

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