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Ferrari Sold More Hybrids Than Conventional Gas-Powered Cars for the First Time Last Quarter

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Ferrari’s first EV may still be years away, but its electrified models are already proving to be a hit.

Hyrbids accounted for over half the legendary marque’s sales last quarter, according to the Financial Times. This marks the first time that the company’s electric-assisted models have outsold those powered solely by traditional internal combustion mills.  

Between July and September, Ferrari’s hybrid sports cars accounted for 51 percent of its sales. That is a marked improvement over last quarter, when 43 percent of its sales were of electrified models, and huge jump from the same period last year, when only 19 percent of the cars it sold got help from at least one electric motor.

Ferrari 296 GTB

Ferrari 296 GTB


Ferrari launched its first hybrid, the LaFerrari, in 2013. A decade later, the company sells two hybrid models lines, the SF90 (pictured up top), which features a V-8 and is available as a coupé or spider, and the 296, which has a V-6 and is also available as a coupé or spider. Interestingly, all the company’s mid-engine models are electrified, while all of its front-engine vehicles only have gas-powered mills, including the just-introduced Purosangue SUV.

Fans of electric power will have another Ferrari to choose from soon. Two years ago, the automaker announced plans to unveil its first fully electric model in 2025, and that would appear to remain the case. The company has also promised that 40 percent of its line-up will be all-electric by the end of the decade. Despite this, there’s no plan to stop selling Ferrari with internal combustion engines anytime soon because it knows its clients don’t want it to.

The Ferrari Purosangue, the marque's first four-door model.

Ferrari Purosangue

Ferrari S.p.A.

“Some of them will not take electric cars, some others will take both, some others will get into the Ferrari family because of electric cars,” Ferrari CEO Benedetto Vigna said on Thursday.

Don’t expect the company’s purely gas-powered vehicles to go quietly, either. FT points out they could reclaim their reign over Ferrari’s sales soon thanks to the launch of the Purosangue. The automaker has said that it expects its SUV to account for 20 percent of its production volume in the years to come.

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