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Citroën’s Stylish New Camper Van Brings Retro Cool to #Vanlife

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Retro-inspired designs aren’t just for cars anymore.

Just look at the new Citroën Type Holidays concept that the brand brought to this year’s Düsseldorf Caravan Show. The camper van features a unique design meant to celebrate the French automaker’s 104-year history.

The Type Holidays is the current Citroën SpaceTourer model styled by Italian coachbuilder Caselani to look up as the famous Type-H (or HY) van. The contemporary vehicle’s smooth and modern shape has been dressed up with corrugated panels reminiscent of those found on the HY. The biggest difference, though, is a heavily sculpted front fascia, which has a much more angular look and old-fashioned round headlights. Thanks to these changes, the vehicle looks like a more streamlined version of the van that’s been a fixture of European towns for over 70 years now.

The Citroën Type Holidays from the side


There’s a lot more to the concept than its head-turning design, though. Despite measuring 15 feet in length and just over six feet in height, the Type Holidays has more than enough room for four adults to travel and sleep. The van’s interior, which was designed and installed by Bravia Mobil, features two sleeping areas—one in the back that doubles as a bench seat and another in a pop-up roof that allows people to stand completely upright in the living area, according to Citroen. Other features include a kitchenette with a cooking area, sink and fridge, as well as a folding table that can be used for dining or working and several cupboards for storage. A Webpasta climate control system, meanwhile, ensures the temperature is comfortable year-round.

Citroën has not announced plans to produce the Type Holidays camper van yet. That said, the brand did say that the concept is a preview of an upcoming lineup of camper vans. It seems unlikely they’ll look as striking as this prototype, but we can dream.

Click here for more photos of the Citroën Type Holidays.

The Citroën Type Holidays Concept in Photos


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