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Celebrating the Legacy of CODE41 This Christmas

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CODE41 is no ordinary watch brand. With a manifesto of watchmaking that banks on transparency, digital innovation and incorporating the watchmaking community, CODE41 is a cooperative ecosystem in which everyone has an active role in the creation of their dream watch. In 2016, Switzerland-born Claudio D’Amore launched the first Swiss participatory mechanical watchmaking brand dubbed “CODE41” and the rest, as they say, is history. The launch of CODE41’s ANOMALY proved that an ethos of creating high-quality mechanical watches with total transparency and in direct collaboration with a community of enthusiasts could work. This would rewrite industry rules and be the first in a range of models that would follow, each strengthening CODE41’s core values of inclusivity, transparency, innovation and excellence.

The watchmaking game changer

In the era of the great digital revolution, CODE41 goes off the beaten track. Crafted from genuine passion, the brand has conceptualised an unprecedented watchmaking ecosystem. Mechanical watches created in the purest watchmaking tradition, but in a hitherto unseen participatory way. Customers all over the world for international distribution, but a direct sales system with no intermediaries. High-quality components selected for their performance, whose origin is guaranteed by a label of total transparency. This is the advent of watchmaking 2.0.

The principle of transparency

True to the brand’s identity, CODE41 reveals, in full transparency, the origin of all of its watches’ components. Anyone can find a list detailing the components and their source direct from the brand’s website, certified by the TTO label (Total Transparency on Origin). CODE41 has rightfully earned a reputation of absolute trust of a community comprised of hundreds of thousands of watch enthusiasts.

CODE41 constantly eveolves and blows classic hierarchical structures and the archaic decision-making process out of the water. Instead, CODE41 constantly has the community in mind, consulting its 500,000 members via referendums for each project the brand undergoes. The community is then allowed to express their preferences and hold a level of influence to the brand’s global strategy. From the original concept to the tiniest esthetic details, everything is subject to the approval of the members, who have their part to play in co-creating the watch of their dreams with a brand that resonates with them. This one-of-a-kind dynamic synergy in watchmaking weaves an important connection between CODE41 and its public consumers.

8 collections, 8 triumphs


Launched in 2016, the ANOMALY 01 and 02 is where the world was first introduced CODE41’s ethics and esthetics. A master stroke on the first attempt, all of the key elements of the CODE41 DNA were already there — from the skeletonised movement, high-end finishes and unbeatable technicality for the price. The collection went on to be a resounding success right up until production was halted in 2020, reaching nearly 15,000 units sold.

ANOMALY Evolution

Born in the middle of two crises (one in healthcare, the other in watchmaking), the ANOMALY Evolution combines a timeless, technical design with high-quality components to pay vibrant homage to its predecessors. Innovative and demanding, it quickly won over both new audiences and returning fans alike.


The ultimate definition of a collection that is ahead of its time, the ANOMALY-T4 combines years of experience in order to best transcend the years to come. Between an astounding esthetic reworking, a flawless list of technical specifications and first class eco-friendly materials, it heralds the future of watchmaking 2.0. And the public made no mistake about it: the ANOMALY-T4 sold 957 units during its first edition, for a total of CHF 1,464,767.


A magical alliance of brute mechanical force and esthetic refinement, the DAY41 is the ideal unisex watch. Beyond its impeccable list of technical specifications, it also boasts an unconventional design that grants it its signature, rare elegance in addition to being ultra-personalisable. Qualities which have propelled it to the rank of bestseller, with 3,673 pieces sold to date.


The birth of a new genre of watchmaking, the Mecascape broadens the horizon of what’s possible. With its never-before-seen format and mind-blowing realisation, it reaffirms CODE41’s creative power while inviting us to rethink our relationship with time. An invitation that hasn’t failed to charm, with 102 units sold during the Creator edition.


A truly superlative mechanical chronograph, the NB24 has achieved sucess after sucess, feat after feat. Cutting-edge design and materials meet exclusive movement and dial-side peripheral oscillating weight, finished by hand with nothing has been left to chance.


The first community-designed product of fine watchmaking, the X41 is a real tour de force. Boasting a peripheral oscillating weight and crafted with components and materials of the highest order, it has finally made fine watchmaking accessible to the general public. Edition after edition has seen success remain consistenly at the forefront with 2,125 copies of the X41 being sold for a total of CHF 11,402,785.

T360 Tourbillon

Demonstrating a deep understanding of the stakes of contemporary watchmaking, CODE41 strives relentlessly for its reinvention. The T360 is the culmination of expertise and pure horological emotion. With its 100 percent Swiss modular design and rock-solid reliability, this one-of-a-kind tourbillon was met with surprising success. 150 pieces were sold in less than 24 hours, it took the ordering of a last-minute extension of production to meet the massive demand. The final result was 230 units sold for a total of CHF 2,560,357.

CODE41 is breathes in a new life into mechanical watchmaking, be it breaking down the walls between a brand and its public or brilliantly transitioning. Focused on a future in which nothing is impossible, the brand excels with its disruptive initiatives and an unrivaled community ethic which have elevated it to the rank of major player in the watchmaking of tomorrow: participatory, innovative, demanding. In short, watchmakers with a passion for watchmaking.

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