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Caribbean Yacht Charter Prices | Cruising in Paradise

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Voyaging through the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean is a dream for many. The white sandy beaches, colorful coral reefs, and hidden coves are so inviting! This paradise beckons you to rent a yacht and immerse yourself in the tropical beauty. Before setting sail, it is important to understand Caribbean yacht charter prices and the factors influencing them.

caribbean yacht charter prices

Caribbean yacht charters offer a wide range of options from sailing catamarans to motor yachts. These yacht charters provide the ultimate luxury experience. A dedicated crew takes care of every detail, from navigation to gourmet meals. You will certainly have a week (or more) of pampering!

What Influences Caribbean Yacht Charter Prices?

Charter rates in the Caribbean can vary significantly. Factors include the size and type of yacht, the duration of the charter, and the time of year. High season, between December and April, tends to be the most expensive period for chartering a yacht. During this time, the demand for charter yachts is at its peak, and prices reflect this popularity.

Type of Yacht

One of the primary factors influencing Caribbean yacht charter prices is the size and type of yacht. Yachts range from smaller, bareboat charters to larger, luxurious, crewed luxury motor yacht rentals. The yacht’s size dictates how many guests it can accommodate and the amenities it provides.

Naturally, larger and more luxurious yachts tend to have higher charter rates.

Duration of the Charter and Caribbean Yacht Charter Prices

The duration of the charter is another important factor in determining the cost. Yachts in the Caribbean typically price charters weekly. The longer the charter, the higher the overall cost. However, some yachts may offer discounts for longer charters or special rates for shorter durations.

Weekly rates are for seven nights / 8 days, usually from noon to noon.

The Season

The time of year also significantly impacts Caribbean yacht charter prices. The high season runs from December to April and is the most popular time for yacht charters in the Caribbean. During this period, demand is high, and prices tend to be at their peak. Book well in advance for a charter during the high season to secure the desired yacht and dates.

On the other hand, the low season, which typically falls between May and November, offers more affordable rates. The demand for yacht charters is lower during this time. However, the weather in the Caribbean can be more unpredictable during the low season. There is a higher chance of rain and the possibility of hurricanes.

Charter Rates

Generally, there are inclusive charter rates and plus expenses. Most crewed catamaran charters in the Virgin Islands include meals, drinks, and cruising taxes. Some of the smaller Virgin Islands motor yachts are inclusive, and a few offer the plus-expenses option.

What Do Caribbean Yacht Charter Prices Include?

Crewed yacht charters in the Caribbean offer the pinnacle of luxury and service. Guests can relax and indulge in the ultimate vacation experience with a dedicated crew catering to their every need.

The crew of many catamarans typically includes a captain, chef, and deckhand. Some larger yachts also have additional crew members, such as engineers, stewards, and dive masters.

It is customary to provide crew gratuities at the end of the charter. The gratuities are typically around 10-20% of the charter fee and show appreciation for their exceptional service.

The cost to charter a yacht in the Caribbean is usually a weekly rate. For crewed yacht charters, this rate includes the services of the crew, meals, and standard beverages.

For a smaller boat, yacht rentals in the Caribbean can start from as low as $15,000 per week. Larger, luxurious, crewed yachts can cost $100,000 per week.

When calculating the cost of chartering a yacht in the Caribbean, consider additional expenses beyond the charter fee. We recommend clarifying the inclusions and exclusions before finalizing your booking.

Additional Expenses to Consider

Here are some additional expenses to take into account:

Dining: Plan for meals and dining experiences onshore or at restaurants.

Transfers: Budget for transportation to and from the yacht’s embarkation and disembarkation points. This may include flights or ground transportation.

Shopping: Set aside funds for shopping, whether for souvenirs, clothing, or other items during your trip.

Excursions and Activities: Allocate a budget for onshore excursions or exploring local attractions.

Travel Insurance: We strongly recommend purchasing travel insurance to safeguard your investment.

Custom Duties and Entry Fees: Some Caribbean countries have customs duties and entry fees.

When considering the cost of chartering a yacht in the Caribbean, remember that it is not just a rental. It is an investment in a truly memorable experience. Enjoy activities like snorkeling in hidden coves, diving in vibrant coral reefs, and basking on pristine beaches.

Exploring destinations like St. Lucia, St. Martin, and Antigua are enticing options for those seeking a Caribbean yacht charter. Charter fees in this region can vary depending on the destination and the time of year. However, fees generally fall within the same range as the British Virgin Islands.

Some other Caribbean destinations include the U.S. Virgin Islands (St. Thomas, St. John), St Barths, Grenada, and the Grenadines. See our Caribbean page for more about these and other destinations.

Chartering a yacht in the Caribbean offers a unique and unforgettable experience. The memories created aboard a private yacht in the Caribbean will undoubtedly be worth every penny. So set sail and explore the beauty of the Caribbean on your private yacht charter.

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