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Capitalizing On TikTok Trends: How Companies Stay Relevant

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In July 2023, Facebook launched its answer to Twitter: Threads. From a 10,000-foot view perspective, consumers and companies alike watched with eager anticipation to see the two social media giants go at it. Internally, though, marketers and consumers sighed at the prospect of having to learn yet another social platform.

For marketers, in particular, the constant shift in expectations and tactics is exhausting. Even the simple act of capitalizing on a fleeting trend on TikTok can feel like a gargantuan effort.

Rather than fight against the current or fruitlessly try to keep up with the rat race, here are some examples of how marketers can use social media’s rapid evolution to develop and execute thoughtful and effective marketing campaigns.

1. Build on Trends

One of the best ways to improve on existing trends is to take them further. By building on a popular concept, a brand puts itself in a position to soak up the limelight.

Gamified fintech app Envie has created a digital version of the popular TikTok #envelopechallenge (where participants save $5050 in 100 days). Rather than use physical envelopes and cash, the app provides mobile games and incentives with cash deposited right into a player’s bank account. This effectively builds on the original concept while also making it more accessible (and free to play) for fintech-savvy consumers.

2. Link Trends With Products and Services

Another way to capitalize on a trend is to find ways to link trending concepts to your pre-existing products, services, and even marketing content. This helps to create a natural synergy. It associates what people are focused on in the media with your brand.

The best part is that you can plan ahead for certain trends. Chipotle, for instance, tied the upcoming 2019 Halloween holiday into its TikTok campaign by creating the hashtag #Boorito. It then had popular TikTok influencers promote the campaign, which consisted of ordering a burrito with “before and after” shots of them in costume in the restaurant.

3. Always Embrace High Quality

Remember never to sacrifice quality for fleeting trends. If a brand wants to stand out, it must ensure that its distinct brand standards shine through on every post — whether it’s chasing a trend or not.

Last Crumb attracts TikTokkers due to its clean, high-quality content. The site’s page is filled with videos that are distinctly tied to the brand’s elite dessert products — and are capable of starting trends all on their own.

Capitalizing on TikTok While the Iron Is Hot

TikTok may never be more popular than it is right now. It’s a marketing tool at its peak, and businesses should be taking advantage of that fact.

Create high-quality content expectations for your brand. Link trends to products and videos. Expand on existing trends to make them more engaging. If you can steer into the momentum with these kinds of activities, you can make the most of every trend that pops up, either on TikTok now or on whatever platform follows in the future.

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