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Bugatti Unveils the Final 1,500 HP Chiron

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All good things must come to an end, including production of the Bugatti Chiron.

The French marque has unveiled what it claims will be the final 1,500-hp example of its second modern-day hypercar. The automaker also revealed that deliveries of the outlandish coupé are set to be complete in a matter of months.

Bugatti shared the first images of the latest Chiron on Twitter on Wednesday. The vehicle, which was customized through the brand’s Ser Mesure program, is finished in glossy Nocture black offset with Copper orange accents. The most striking exterior detail is the Copper “16” painted across its trademark horseshoe grille. The striking color scheme carries over to the interior, where you’ll find Belgua black and Copper leather over the cockpit and seats. There is also color-contrasting handwriting on the center console and doorsills that identifies the vehicle as “The final 1,500 hp Chiron.”

Inside the

The “Final 1,500 HP” Bugatti Chiron

“Prepare to bid adieu to the era of the Chiron,” the company wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter. “Bugatti unveils the final 1,500 [hp] Chiron as the marque readies itself for the delivery of its last Chiron example in a few months.

Bugatti didn’t name the Chiron’s lucky owner, but Motor1.com reports that the car belongs to Canada-based oil and gas executive, Bilal Hydrie. Several posts on the entrepreneur’s Instagram account confirm as much, including one that shows he secured the build slot in September 2021. And while the price of the vehicle is partially blurred out in the image, enough of the figure is conveniently visible to let you know that he spent north of $3 million on the latest addition to his collection.

A closeup of the "Final 1,500 HP" Bugatti Chiron's center console

All of Bugatti’s posts about the car are careful to label it the final “1,500 hp Chiron.” In other words, this is the final standard example of the model that will be built. That means that production of the Chiron isn’t over just yet, but it has finally reached the home stretch. It also means that final examples that leave the automaker’s Molsheim factory should be special—and maybe even one-of-a-kind—or, at the very least, come equipped with W-16’s capable of pumping out even more than 1,500 horses.

Click here for photos of the “final 1,500 hp” Bugatti Chiron.

The ‘Final 1,500 HP’ Bugatti Chiron in Photos

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