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Bugatti Just Unveiled the All-Gold Mistral That It’s Bringing to This Year’s Quail Motorsports Gathering

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Bugatti is ready to usher in a golden age of automotive luxury at Monterey Car Week.

The French hypercar maker is bringing not one, but two gold models to this year’s edition of The Quail, a Motorsports Gathering. Both vehicles, a Mistral and the Chiron Super Sport “Golden Era,” are the handiwork of the marque’s customization unit, Sur Mesure.

Bugatti unveiled the second of its golden hypercars on social media on Monday. The latest bespoke build is a 1-of-99 Mistral painted in a brilliant coat of gold. Except for a few elements—like the side skirts, engine cover and rear bumper—the entire body of the car is finished in the sparkling hue. Even the roadster’s wheels, which feature a complex multi-spoke pattern with contrasting elements, have splashes of the color. One aspect of the $5 million vehicle that appears to have been left untouched is its quad-turbo 8.0-liter W16. The Mistral will be the automaker’s last model to feature the mill, which has powered all of its vehicles since it was acquired and relaunched by Volkswagen in the late 1990s.

The gold Bugatti Mistral from above

The gold Bugatti Mistral


The special Mistral was designed to serve as a complement to the Chiron Super Sport “Golden Ear,” which the brand revealed last week. The vehicle features a unique two-tone paint job that shifts from glossy Nocturne Black to sparkling Doré gold.

What really stands out about the over-the-top finish is the detail work, though. The golden sections of the $3.8 million hypercar’s body are adorned with an assortment of 45 hand-applied drawings charting key moments from the marque’s 115-year history. The sketches depict several of the brand’s most important vehicles, including the Type 41 Royale from the 1920s, the Type 57 SC Atlantic from the ‘30s and the EB110 from the ‘90s.

The one-off Bugatti Chiron Super Sport “Golden Era” hypercar.

Bugatti Chiron Super Sport “Golden Era”

Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S.

Both the gold Mistral and Chiron Super Sport “Golden Era” are one-offs already reserved for a buyer, so it is unlikely either will go up for grabs anytime soon. Those in attendance at Monterey Car Week will get the chance to see them both in person, though. The golden duo is scheduled to make its public debut at The Quail.

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