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Boeing Just Unveiled a Whopping 144 Cabin Layouts for Its 737-7 Business Jet

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Boeing Business Jets (BBJ) announced it was supplementing the bespoke, one-off cabins it designs for its clients’ private jets by offering a series approach called BBJ Select. The new program will apply strictly to conversions of the Boeing 737-7 series.

BBJ President Joe Benson made the announcement at the annual NBAA BACE business-aviation conference in Las Vegas. “It allows us to offer the jet at a very attractive, fixed price,” he said.

Pre-designed cabin layouts for the 737-7 will also save clients time, Benson added, since designing and building a bespoke interior can take several years from the initial design to completion.

This is one of 144 cabin configurations in the BBJ Select program.


BBJ is betting that the faster completions track of the new 737-7, which can fly over 15 hours nonstop, will appeal to executives and high-net-worth individuals. The Select program saves time by eliminating the costs of “one-time engineering and related work for the installation of a clean-sheet cabin design.”

Customers will first select modules for the general layout, from guest rooms and private offices to family rooms and VIP-passenger seating configurations.

Then they will choose among the 144 modular cabin combinations in three different color palettes, which BBJ generally places under the “personal, business and head-of-state” categories. The different layouts and features were designed with Aloft AeroArchitects and Greenpoint Technologies.

Owners can choose either a bedroom or a lounge or business area in the rear section.


Competitor Airbus Corporate Jets (ACJ) has had a similar program with its ACJ220 aircraft for two years. It offers multiple interior choices via Comlux, an aviation firm headquartered in Switzerland with a large completions center in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Comlux ordered the first 12 ACJ220s from Airbus, with plans to sell them and customize the cabins for clients. It recently completed its first interior for Five Hotels in Dubai. Comlux issued a statement at NBAA BACE that it had sold two more ACJ220s to new clients.

The first ACJ220 has a nightclub vibe, showing the range of options. It was completed last summer by Comlux in Indianapolis.


The ACJ220 has hundreds of possible interior designs across three general configurations, though the company says they can be mixed and matched. The first ACJ220, which is on offer for hourly charter to Five hotel clients, had a loose, relaxed interior, with special lights reminiscent of a nightclub. It was flown from Indianapolis for delivery to Dubai last June.

BBJ says that it doesn’t have any firm orders yet, but the first converted 737-7 could enter service by 2026.

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