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Better Support Your HR Teams With These 10 Strategies

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As a cornerstone of any thriving business’s operations, a company’s human resources department plays a key role in the success of its people. And yet, it can be easy for CEOs to think of their HR departments like their own self-sustaining departments, recruiting and hiring employees without much need for additional assistance. However, just like any other department, HR can experience their own challenges and require the full support of the leadership team (and the company as a whole) if they are to function well.

So what can CEOs do to provide that support? Below, the business leaders of Young Entrepreneur Council share their thoughts and outline 10 different ways company leaders can better support their HR teams and why it’s so important to the overall health of a business.

1. Welcome Every New Team Member (And Cast The Company’s Vision)

A company’s outward customer experience will never be better than its internal employee experience. That’s because apathetic employees create apathetic customers—always. The employee experience begins at the top with the CEO. A critical role of the CEO is to support HR leaders and their teams to set the tone for the employee experience, beginning at (or even before) onboarding. Customers give you their money, but employees give you something far more valuable: their time and their talent. CEOs must make themselves available (even if only virtually and asynchronously) to help welcome every new team member and, in doing so, cast the vision for the organization. Helping every employee feel valued supports not only HR but every other part of the organization as well. – Brittany Hodak, Creating Superfans

2. Be Open To Adapting Policies To Meet Employee Needs

You can support your HR team by being flexible and open to adapting HR policies to meet the evolving needs of your team. Whether it’s adjusting remote work options or leave policies, you need to stay agile to support your employees effectively. You should also focus on employee well-being. You need to make sure that your team feels good, both physically and mentally. Create programs that support work-life balance, mental health and job satisfaction. Happy and healthy employees are key to your success. – Benjamin Rojas, All in One SEO

3. Value The Input Of HR In Strategic Decision Making

One common oversight is CEOs not actively involving their HR teams in strategic planning. To better support HR teams and the organization as a whole, CEOs should prioritize HR’s input in strategic decision making. HR teams possess critical insights into talent, culture and employee engagement, making their involvement crucial for informed decision making. By valuing their input, CEOs can align organizational strategies with workforce needs, ultimately leading to more effective talent management, higher employee morale and enhanced overall performance. – Ian Sells, JoinBrands.com

4. Prioritize Their Professional Growth

I know that CEOs can empower their HR teams by prioritizing their professional growth. It’s vital because HR is the driving force behind your company’s talent and culture. By investing in their development, CEOs demonstrate the importance of HR’s role. Continuous learning equips HR to navigate evolving regulations, technology and talent strategies, empowering them to lead transformational change. This results in attracting top talent, fostering high-performance cultures and championing your company’s mission. Supporting HR is an investment in your company’s future. It cultivates a workplace where innovation and well-being thrive, paving the way for lasting success. – Michelle Aran, Velvet Caviar

5. Maintain Open Communication Channels

We have outsourced our HR function, and it has been very helpful for us. Most of my team is remote, and my HR company is very good at finding out about any issues and resolving them. I provide them with all the input from my end in a weekly meeting. I have made HR easily accessible to my team as well. My team and I are very transparent in terms of communicating with and providing all the data to the HR team. Think of your HR team as your counselor—you don’t want to hide things from them. – Piyush Jain, Simpalm

6. Set The Example For The Whole Company

The best way for CEOs to help HR teams is to lead by example. When a new policy comes into play, be the first to embrace it. When a change takes place, show your support for it. By showing the rest of the company that you support the HR team and are invested in their decisions or changes, you make it easier for others to do the same and give the HR team the best tool to enforce noncompliance. Show your HR team you are part of their team and will support the decisions they make. – Zane Stevens, Protea Financial

7. Bridge The Gap Between Leadership And The Rest Of Your Team

HR teams are the middle layer between the C-suite and regular staff members. Most escalations happen due to the wide gap between management and employees. The simplest way to support HR is by bridging this gap and providing better opportunities for your team to communicate, raise feedback, overcome obstacles or get decisions overruled by middle management. Interact more frequently with your team and provide better communication channels. Hang out in group channels online or join lunch gatherings if you meet on-site. Communicate high-level business goals clearly. Motivated employees can follow the vision and calibrate based on your public road map once you give them the right opportunity and let them speak up. – Mario Peshev, Rush

8. Give Them Access To Useful Data And Insights

One way CEOs can better support their HR teams is by providing them access to data and valuable insights. The role of HR is not just hiring talent and taking care of other administrative tasks—it goes beyond that. Be it helping you increase the performance of your employees through personalized training or overcoming turnover challenges, HR actively contributes to boosting your efficiency through its recruitment, retention, compensation and administrative policies. So, by giving them access to useful insights, you’ll be making it possible for them to make data-driven and informed decisions. – Stephanie Wells, Formidable Forms

9. Check In Regularly And Listen To Their Needs

It’s important for CEOs to schedule regular check-ins with their HR leaders to see how things are going and find out if they’re experiencing any setbacks or roadblocks. This allows them to stay on top of what their HR teams need. You can then take steps to address any gaps they’re experiencing and provide resources and support. By doing this frequently, your HR teams will see that you’re not only serious about hearing their challenges, but you’re also following through with support and answers. When necessary, increase the frequency of these one-on-one meetings. These productive dialogues will ultimately help improve productivity, engagement and accountability. – Blair Thomas, eMerchantBroker

10. Invest In Technology And Software That Will Streamline Their Processes

Supporting HR teams is crucial because they are responsible for managing an organization’s most valuable resource: its people. To ensure that HR teams can fulfill these responsibilities efficiently, CEOs need to provide them with the necessary support. One way to support your HR team is to invest in modern HR technology and software systems that can streamline their processes, improve efficiency and amplify recruitment. These tools can automate administrative tasks, such as payroll processing and leave management, allowing HR professionals to focus on more strategic initiatives. – Eddie Lou, CodaPet

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