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Ballin’ Without A Budget: The Most Expensive Jordans Of All Time

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Jordans are no longer just slick-looking kicks that offer the ankle support needed to drive through the Pistons’ defense and put 2 more on the board. Now, picking up a pair of the best Jordans is an investment. 

And while you may be shocked at the sticker prices of the Jordans popping up in your local shoe shop, those numbers are just the tip of an athletic, leather-covered and surprisingly nuanced iceberg. But what makes these Jordan shoes so expensive?

The main reason why some Jordans have seemingly impossible price tags is simple scarcity. Many Jordans are released in limited runs, with collectors buying them up to cash in through the independent-seller or secondhand market. Collaborations featuring other artists or movies, Jordans worn during certain games, signatures, and a handful of other factors can also drive up the price of an otherwise-cheaper shoe.

We’ve put together a list of some of the priciest Jordans out there. 

Why you can trust Luxe Digital? At Luxe Digital, we know our upmarket fashion. We’re also pretty up-to-speed on expensive sneakers. As sneakerheads and basketball fanatics ourselves (go Bulls), we’re familiar with the culture that justifies standing in line for three hours for a pair of basketball shoes that will never know a moment in the paint.

Jordans’ Hall Of Fame

11. Air Jordan 11 “Concord” Game-Worn Signed Sneaker – $56,250

First up are the game-worn 11s. Jordan first stepped onto the court with the 11s, nicknamed the “Concords,” in 1995. These Jordan shoes immediately turned heads with its flashy patent leather design and its translucent sole. With the value modifiers of being both vintage and game-worn, these Nike kicks fetched nearly 60 grand in a Christie’s auction in 2020.

Release: 1995
Price: $56,250
Sold at: Christie’s
Sold in: 2020

10. Air Jordan 1 “Solid Silver” – $60,000

most expensive jordans air jordan 1 solid silver review - Luxe Digital

Although many of the most expensive Jordans out there are game-worn, this entry on our list is one of the exceptions. The Air Jordan 1 “Solid Silver” shoes were originally a gift to Michael Jordan from his wife. Only 10 of these pairs were ever produced, and each pair weighs around 10 lbs (4.5 kg) due to being crafted from solid silver. The pair sold in 2012 were also autographed, adding to their value.

Release: 1995
Price: $60,000
Sold at: eBay
Sold in: 2012

9. 1992 Air Jordan 7 “Olympic” Game-Worn Sneaker – $112,500

most expensive jordans 1992 air jordan 7 olympic game worn sneaker review - Luxe Digital

The 1992 Basketball “Dream Team” was a phenomenon all on its own, and Michael Jordan was right in the middle of it. Winning gold in Barcelona, this team represented an entire era of basketball. Due to the cultural moment these kicks represented, along with their game-worn status, they fetched a price of $112,500 in 2020.

Release: 1992
Price: $112,500
Sold at: Christie’s
Sold in: 2020

8. Air Jordan 11 Space Jam Sample – $176,400

most expensive jordans air jordan 11 space jam sample review - Luxe Digital

Whether you’re head-over-heels for basketball or not, Space Jam was everything in 1996. Michael Jordan hooping with Bugs Bunny and Bill Murray? What a movie. And crafted for the movie was this pair of Jordans. However, he never actually wore them in the movie, and more were never made. They fetched a hefty price of $176,400 in a Sotheby’s auction in 2021.

Release: 1996
Price: $176,400
Sold at: Sotheby’s
Sold in: 2021

7. Air Jordan 1 Chicago Broken Foot – $422,000

most expensive jordans air jordan 1 chicago broken foot review - Luxe Digital

Air Jordan 1 Chicagos, don’t get us wrong, were iconic shoes. But the odd factor that drove up the price of this particular pair is the fact that Michael Jordan fractured his left foot in them during a game against the Golden State Warriors back in ‘85, which was the first major injury in his career. These infamous kicks went for $422K in a 2022 Leland’s auction, earning them a spot on our list.

Release: 1985
Price: $422,000
Sold at: Leland’s
Sold in: 2022

6. Air Jordan 1 Chicago Game Worn & Autographed – $560,000

most expensive jordans air jordan 1 chicago game worn and autographed review - Luxe Digital

A pair of Jordan 1s doesn’t have to have a bone broken in them to be valuable. It turns out, when they’re simply game-worn and autographed, they can go for a bit more. The shoes that introduced Michael Jordan to the world, signed by the legend himself, sold for $560K in a Sotheby’s auction in 2020.

Release: 1985
Price: $560,000
Sold at: Sotheby’s
Sold in: 2020

5. 1985 Air Jordan 1 Chicago Shattered Backboard Game-Worn Sneaker – $615,000

most expensive jordans 1985 air jordan 1 chicago shattered backboard game worn sneaker review - Luxe Digital

What else could possibly have happened in the Jordan 1 Chicago shoes to boost their value? In 1985, Jordan put on a clinic during an exhibition scrimmage in Italy, which included a backboard-shattering dunk. And although “Shattered Backboard” Jordans have been reissued, the OG pair that Jordan wore during this game sold at Christie’s for $615,000 in 2020.

Release: 1985
Price: $615,000 
Sold at: Christie’s
Sold in: 2020

4. Air Jordan 1 Chicago Dunk Sole – $1,012,500

most expensive jordans air jordan 1 chicago dunk sole review - Luxe Digital

Following Jordan’s foot fracture in ‘85, Nike decided to experiment with the shoe’s design. One of the aforementioned experiments resulted in an Air Jordan 1 with the sole of a Nike Dunk. There were only a few of these prototypes manufactured, which is why they’re such an exclusive pair to own. In fact, a pair of these prototype shoes went for over a million dollars in 2022.

Release: 1986
Price: $1,012,500
Sold at: Heritage Auctions 
Sold in: 2022

3. 1997 NBA Finals “Flu Game” Used, Signed Air Jordan Sneakers – $1,380,000

most expensive jordans 1997 nba finals flu game used signed air jordan sneakers review - Luxe Digital

Like the “Broken Foot” pair, the “Flu Game” Jordans are also marked by dire circumstances. These shoes were worn in ‘97 during game 5 of the 1997 NBA finals, when MJ was apparently suffering from a stomach virus but still managed to put up 38 points against the Jazz. This pair sold for a whopping $1.38 million in 2023.

Release: 1997
Price: $1,380,000
Sold at: Goldin
Sold in: 2023

2. Drake’s Air Jordan 10 x OVO “Solid Gold” – $2.1 Million

most expensive jordans drakes air jordan 10 x ovo solid gold review - Luxe Digital

The second most expensive pair of Jordans on our list aren’t game worn or autographed. Instead, they’re made from solid gold. Drake commissioned Matt Senna, a conceptual artist, to craft these golden kicks. This financially questionable decision resulted in a $2.1 million pair of basketball shoes that will never know a layup.

Release: 2016
Price: $2.1 Million
Sold at: Commissioned
Sold in: 2016

1. Air Jordan 13 “The Last Dance” – $2.2 Million

most expensive jordans air jordan 13 the last dance review - Luxe Digital

Jordan’s 1998 “Last Dance” season is one of the most famous in sports history. And this pair of sneakers, worn in game 2 of that season’s finals, are the most expensive Jordans of all time. Due to the story behind them and their immaculate condition, these Jordan shoes were auctioned at Sotheby’s this year for $2.2 million.

Release: 1998
Price: $2.2 Million
Sold at: Sotheby’s
Sold in: 2023

Frequently asked questions about the most expensive Jordans

What are the rarest Jordans?

Aside from game-worn and autographed varieties, some of the rarest Jordans out there include the Air Jordan IV Retro x Carhartt x Eminem collab and the Air Jordan X Special “Grimm” Edition.

What is the most expensive Jordan basketball shoe?

The most expensive Jordan ever sold was the “Last Dance” Air Jordan 13, but with constantly fluctuating values on the sneaker market, it wouldn’t be surprising if that record was broken in the near future. Check our list of the most expensive Jordans for more.

Why are Air Jordan 4s so expensive?

Simply put, Jordan 4s are so expensive because of their high demand. The colorways and limited releases of the 4s put them high on the list of many sneakers collectors, driving up their price.

What are the top 5 most bought Jordans?

The 5 most popular Jordans include the Chicago 1s, the Retro Infrared 3s, the Retro Concord 11s, the Retro Toro Bravo 4s and the Retro Oreo 5s.

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