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Arctic Icebreaker Cruise Aboard ARGUS

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If the Arctic is on your bucket list, prepare to set sail on a remarkable journey on the ARGUS expedition vessel. With a rich history and an air of mystique, this ARGUS takes you on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure in the awe-inspiring Polar region. Brace yourself for an experience that will leave an indelible mark on your heart and soul. Your Arctic cruise awaits aboard Arctic Icebreaker ARGUS, where dreams of exploration become a thrilling reality!

arctic icebreaker cruise
Witness icebergs up close.

Arctic Icebreaker ARGUS

Originally crafted in 1971 for the Danish Government as an Inspection Vessel and Light House Tender, ARGUS boasts an illustrious past. It is designed to meet the highest specifications, including the prestigious Ice Class 1 Super, and is a formidable icebreaker. ARGUS effortlessly navigates the most challenging Polar waters.

You will be safe and comfortable throughout your journey, as ARGUS is fully equipped according to the Polar Code.

The Polar Code

The Polar Code is a set of rules that make an Arctic adventure safe and environmentally friendly. The Arctic region’s icy waters and extremely cold temperatures can be challenging. But don’t worry, ARGUS handles these conditions easily.

The crew is well-trained and experienced in dealing with Arctic challenges. They know how to navigate through ice and will keep you informed and safe throughout the journey.

ARGUS follows strict rules to minimize its impact on the delicate Arctic ecosystem. The crew carefully disposes of waste. They also follow guidelines to protect marine life, ensuring this gorgeous region remains unspoiled for future generations.

Navigating through icy waters can be tricky. However, ARGUS has advanced navigational tools, ice charts, and experienced ice pilots who will skillfully guide you through the breathtaking landscapes.

Arctic Icebreaker ARGUS Onboard Experience

ARGUS is now a vessel of adventure and luxury combined, having undergone extensive use in the offshore industry before finding its current owner in 2022. Offering outstanding comfort and unforgettable experiences, it is your gateway to explore the remote realms of Iceland and Greenland.

With two Zodiacs and a helipad, ARGUS becomes the perfect staging vessel for any expedition. Its crane and deck capacity and its exceptional icebreaking ability make it an ideal support vessel for larger superyachts.

For a unique experience, book a tower hour in the Ice-Watch Tower. This experience offers breathtaking views of the sea, icebergs, and nature. Don’t forget to visit the Library, which offers inspiring books and photographs showcasing the beauty of Greenland and Iceland.

Step inside and indulge in the inviting Bar Lounge. Savor a drink, admire the scenery through large windows, and enjoy socializing with fellow passengers. The Lounge offers a comfortable space for relaxation. In addition, the Dining Room promises adventures in modern Arctic cuisine.

When not exploring, you can relax in the Spa, unwind in the Hot Tub, or stay active in the Gym. The main deck also offers comfortable seating, sun beds, and warm blankets. It even has a fireplace for moments of tranquility amid pure wild nature.


Your Arctic icebreaker cruise will be warm and very comfortable. Arctic icebreaker ARGUS accommodates up to 12 guests in 11 guest cabins. Each cabin is a relaxing, cozy retreat with retro-wood interiors and entertainment facilities.

The Destination

As you venture into the Arctic, you’ll see icebergs up close and spot polar bears in their natural habitat. You’ll also have thrilling whale-watching experiences, cruise by RIB boats, and witness the mesmerizing Northern Lights. Imagine breaking through glaciers into the Atlantic and venturing ashore in extremely remote locations. It’s a small group experience like no other.

The Arctic Ocean

Imagine standing at the top of the world, surrounded by the Arctic Ocean’s vastness and the Arctic Circle’s pristine beauty. This is where your journey begins, guided by experienced expedition leaders who will lead you through this frozen wonderland.

Encounter breathtaking sea ice formations that glisten like diamonds in the Arctic sun. The destination? The elusive Geographic North Pole.

As you venture further into this icy realm, the Arctic Circle’s magic will envelop you. Experience the mesmerizing dance of the Northern Lights, painting the sky with vibrant colors. The Arctic Ocean, often dubbed the “Frozen Ocean,” will unveil its secrets, showcasing the resilience of life in one of the harshest environments on Earth.

At last, reach the ultimate destination – the Geographic North Pole. Standing at the pinnacle of the planet, you’ll feel a connection to the world and its wonders. This expedition will leave you forever changed.

What Wildlife Can You Expect to See?

During an arctic icebreaker cruise, you can expect to encounter diverse wildlife that has adapted to thrive in this extreme environment. Some of the wildlife you might have the chance to see includes:

  • Polar Bears: The iconic symbol of the Arctic, polar bears are powerful predators and expert swimmers, often seen roaming the sea ice in search of seals.
  • Arctic Foxes: These small and agile foxes are well-adapted to the cold and can change their fur color with the seasons.
  • Arctic Hares: Large, snow-white hares.
  • Reindeer (Caribou): These majestic animals undertake epic migrations across the Arctic tundra, searching for food.
  • Muskoxen: Known for their thick fur and impressive curved horns, muskoxen are ancient survivors of the Arctic.
  • Walruses: These large marine mammals gather in groups on ice floes and have distinctive tusks.
  • Whales: Various species of whales, such as Belugas, Bowheads, and Narwhals, live in the Arctic waters.
  • Seals: Bearded seals, ringed seals, and harp seals are commonly found on the ice, providing important prey for polar bears.
  • Arctic Birds: The Arctic is a haven for many bird species, including puffins, snow geese, and the majestic Arctic tern.
  • Arctic Marine Life: The cold waters of the Arctic Ocean are teeming with marine life, such as various fish species and invertebrates.

Remember that wildlife sightings in the Arctic depend on various factors, such as the season, location, and local conditions. The expedition leaders and crew will do their best to provide opportunities for observing and appreciating the incredible wildlife that calls the Arctic home.

Arctic Icebreaker ARGUS

ARGUS is available year-round for your Arctic icebreaker cruise in Iceland, Greenland, Norway/Svalbard, and NW Passage upon special request. The all-season rate is €120,000 per week plus expenses.

So, if you crave adventure beyond the ordinary, ARGUS welcomes you to an exclusive haven of daring and exploration. Welcome aboard, and let the wild Arctic be your playground of wonder and discovery!

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