There are few more classic sights in boating than a small mahogany runabout splitting the serene waters of a lake in some picturesque locale—be it northern Italy, Lake Tahoe, or a pristine stretch of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. There is something almost primal about being on board a boat built from the first material humans fashioned roughshod canoes with.

Fortunately, there are multiple yards around the world that are still building wooden boats—but with modern hulls and systems that eliminate the hassles of owning a vintage yacht. Some build classic-inspired designs from the 1920s through the 1960s, while others focus on contemporary hulls, but with wood instead of fiberglass.

These builders will tell you that their material of choice offers the softest ride available, thanks to its natural properties. They will also say that the prestige of owning one of these boats is all but unmatched in the world of boating—wooden boats have long been a favorite of kings and movie stars. When you catch a glimpse of the beautiful brightwork and gleaming mahogany from the dock, you’ll find they clearly have a point.

Here are 9 of our favorite wooden boatbuilders.