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9 Spectacular Superyacht Swimming Pools, From Glass-Bottomed to Infinity Designs

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It all began in 1910 with RMS Olympic, the first ship to have an onboard heated swimming pool. Its famous sistership, RMS Titanic, followed a year later with a deep saltwater heated pool on the middle deck. Reserved for the exclusive use of first-class passengers, the pool formed part of the ocean liner’s Turkish bath complex. Male and female passengers were not allowed to bathe at the same time.

Fast forward 100 years and the appeal of an onboard swimming pool has not waned. In fact, it’s become a prerequisite for many yacht owners. In 2000, the 303-foot Tatoosh exploded the concept of swimming pools aboard yachts, thanks to a large contra-flow pool with a lifting floor. Then came Octopus three years later with its massive, glass-bottomed raised pool, followed by Alfa Nero’s aft deck infinity raised pool with a glass waterfall.

Swimming-pool water features are now a standalone trend. When designer Igor Lobanov designed Jubilee (now named Kaos) he used a waterfall as an architectural divider to separate the pool from the alfresco dining area. At night, the pool lights up, adding another dimension to the yacht’s evening ambience.

Today, with the advent of beach clubs and multiple spa features that create the ultimate Zen lifestyle, superyacht swimming pools are rapidly multiplying, says yacht designer Theodoros Fotiadis. “Owners want more than one pool on their yacht, as the convenience of swimming in a heated pool is more appealing than the reality of swimming lengths in the ocean,” he tells Robb Report. “Owners also want to be able to both socialize with guests and relax in private, all while never having to leave their yacht, so having more than one pool or hot tub makes a lot of sense.”

While the size of a pool is usually dictated by the length and volume of the yacht, it seems swimming pools are where owners are willing to sacrifice other features. From main deck pools that steal coveted real estate from interior lounges to sun-deck pools that require structural engineering, the growing desire to give more outdoor deck space to aquatic amenities shows how serious the pool game has become.

Here are nine of the most spectacular pools on the water right now.

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