Fifty years ago, if you owned a boat, you most likely kept it afloat on a swinging mooring. Then came the beginning of floating pontoons, and now vast networks of marina infrastructures exist thanks to yachting’s global popularity.

History aside, the primary goal of any marina has always been to provide safe, secure berths, shielding the vessels from the unpredictable wrath of the sea. Today’s sophisticated marinas are a nod to how far anchorages have come from humble beginnings.

Even marinas that are far from standard cruising routes have developed to keep pace. “We’re finding many of our owners and guests are looking for secure but remote locations to get away from the overcrowded areas,” Tammy Gedman of IGY Marinas, one of the superyacht-marina pioneers, tells Robb Report.

From archipelagos in the South Pacific and remote cays in the lesser-known Caribbean, north to the wild Western coast of Canada, these marinas are adding high civilization to unexplored cruising grounds, by offering top docking while escaping the crowds.

Here are nine of our favorites.