First- and business-class airport lounges are more than a place to catch a buffet and boot up your Wi-Fi connection. The best ones blend convenience with serenity, whether through spa treatments, celebrity chef restaurants, or relaxing in day suites.

The newbies in North America tend to look more like utilitarian-but-upscale restaurants, often themed around the city in which they’re located, while the more global European and Asian lounges lift pampering to the next level, including yoga rooms in Hong Kong, spas in Sydney or peloton training at Heathrow.

As post-pandemic business travel surges, airlines and credit card companies are competing for customer loyalty, adding perks for frequent flyers. Airports overseas are leading the luxury movement, but American Express, Chase Sapphire, and Capital One are all expanding their footprints at airports nationwide, at the same time that Delta, United, and American are overhauling their offerings.

The newest crop of business lounges gives you good reason to arrive early to the airport.