A dayboat is exactly what it sounds like—a vessel to spend the day on before retiring to somewhere else to spend the night. Traditionally it’s a European style of boating, relegated to boats in the 30- to 50-foot range. But in the last few years, thanks to a flood of new owners, the dayboat market has seen big design changes and enormous growth—literally. The boats keep getting larger to the point where many should be rightfully be called day yachts. The trend started with the HCB Custom 65. The boat, Estrella, was a monster center-console design, powered by six outboards totaling more than 3000 hp. That 2018 launch set a new standard for dayboats.

But the new generation of maxi-sized dayboats aren’t limited to utilitarian center consoles. The 77-foot Wajer that former quarterback Tom Brady purchased last year is a good example of a more yacht-like design, while the 115-ft. Vanquish Veloce VQ115 is an even more dramatic case.

These new designs, all with large staterooms, show how much the definition of dayboat has changed from smaller open boats. The intent of the design is now as important as the form—to maximize exterior space, and with it, the number of guests who can come on board to enjoy a day on the water. There are the usual salons, galleys and heads, but the focus is the exterior, or in most cases, the blending of the interior and exterior through large glass doors that slide and conceal to connect inside and out.

Here are seven of the largest, newest dayboats on the water today.