Champagne bars, oversized dining tables, and an onboard gym are just some of the concepts appearing in new private-jet cabins. Since every aircraft can be customized, extreme personalization has become more common across the business-jet spectrum. That’s especially true on the largest bizliners where an owner is more concerned about freedom of expression than resale value.

All major airframers offer customized interiors by in-house design teams. But those wanting to create a truly bespoke interior usually hire outside design firms or architects specializing in luxury cabins. A recent bespoke interior of an ACJ319neo by London designer Colin Radcliffe, which features a stylized Art Deco design, is an example of inspired, extreme customization. At the other end, the new interior of the Cessna Citation Ascend is form meeting function with subtle luxury touches. Then there is the orange glow of the stylized interior of a Vision Jet, designed for a client in the automotive industry.

Unlike a yacht, where weight isn’t as critical since the vessel rides on the water, business jet interiors require both artistic and technical expertise. Materials have to be non-flammable and as lightweight as possible in order to pass FAA certification. Despite these hurdles, more owners want a luxe look that reflects their lifestyles on the ground. The result is a series of innovative cabins, some of which have pushed the boundaries of technology and aesthetics.

Here are seven of our favorites, plus a shapeshifting concept that is just plain cool.