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69m Superyacht Concept Cantharus Revealed by Darin Osborne

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Yachts are typically luxurious above water, but the new concept Cantharus takes yachting to a new level, below the water. The stunning new 69-meter concept was released by United States-based designer Darin Osborne and offers a pioneering approach to underwater connection.

Superyacht Concept Cantharus 2

Seafarers now have an exclusive scenic underwater lounge (or an easily converted master cabin) which provides unbeatable ocean vistas. The floor-to-ceiling windows provide unrestricted views of the ocean both above and below deck and fully immerse guests in the surrounding sea.

Superyacht Concept Cantharus 3

In a statement, Osborne was quoted stating that, “the underwater lounge is a place to be surrounded by water and beauty.” To further illuminate the beauty, special underwater lights show in full view the areas directly in front of the 180 degrees of glass. He added that the underwater lounge provides “serenity” wherever the yacht cruises.

Superyacht Concept Cantharus 4

Hailing from Florida, Osborne designed the 226-footer from the bottom up, with the subterranean room as the first idea to come to life. And although the subterranean room is the most unique aspect of this yacht, above the waterline, the yacht has a very futuristic design. Making use of extensive glazing, a sleek hull, and sharp lines, the vessel presents panoramic views from the upper bridge and an eye-catching exterior.

Superyacht Concept Cantharus 6

Spanning nearly the whole length of the superyacht, the main deck features an open floor plan with a dining space, entertainment space, and a large conference table. Situated near the stern of a ship and main deck, the outdoor area is a party space that includes a DJ booth, and large pop-up TV and can double as a Jacuzzi area.

Superyacht Concept Cantharus 5

Its lower deck offers additional living areas and the main cabin if the underwater lounge is not converted to a master cabin. The upper bridge deck offers a great spot for suntanning while the wheelhouse (fitted with a skylight) is ideal for sightseeing.

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