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5 side hustle ideas and how to market your new gig(s)

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It’s safe to say that times have changed over the last few years. We’ve all felt it, especially in our pockets. With the growing need for sustainable ways to earn money, many have turned to finding alternative ways to make ends meet. If you need a little extra moolah to put bread on the table, you may want to look into starting a side hustle! So, what is a side hustle?

They are commonly described as alternative businesses supplemental to a primary job. However, several have made the transition from part-time gigs to full-time jobs. I know what you may be thinking- ANOTHER job? Hear me out. Side gigs don’t have to be crazy difficult or hard to manage. Why don’t we go through a few options that might be worth your while?

1. Coaching

Coaching is a fun and interactive way to begin earning money.

Starting your coaching journey can be a bit overwhelming, so make sure you start small. It’s important to think about what you want your niche to be, and do research on your potential audience. Look into what your ‘competitors’ are doing, and brainstorm ways to implement your content. Once you have an idea of who your viewers are going to be, start engaging! Marketing your individual brand involves a lot of corresponding with others in your niche.

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One of the most vital aspects of being a coach and actually making money doing it, is creating a community. Put time and energy into building a relationship with your new community, making sure you’re as authentic as possible. People like hearing real experiences and genuine stories. As long as you make authenticity the foundation of your coaching hustle, you’re bound to make a profit.

2. Day Trading

Day trading is another side gig that’s on the rise, and there’s a chance that you probably know someone who is trying it. Many people are attracted to day trading because of its unpredictability. This particular gig involves selling stocks, bonds, or security. There are a lot of highs and lows, but that’s one of the beauties of this type of trade.

Day trading can be profitable if it’s taken seriously, but you must be focused and diligent to succeed with this hustle. In order to market your day trading business, you first have to make sure that you’re able to move fast and govern every decision with logic. There are numerous resources specifying how to market your day trading business that are accessible.

3. Real Estate Investing

If you’re passionate about the financial market, this one may be for you!

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Real estate is an industry that requires intensive research and study. It’s not a one-size-fits-all, nor is it for everyone. Starting out in real estate investment, you’ll need to do the dirty work before you can start investing. This usually entails beginning a part-time job in project management. The more you put into picking up knowledge on this industry, the more likely you’ll have success. If you’ve already gone through this process, you may want to put yourself out there!

For real estate investment marketing, you need to make sure you’re targeting motivated sellers. Hiring someone to create a landing page for your personal website is also a feasible option when you are marketing yourself. For this particular gig, you may even want to consider giving paid marketing a shot.

4. Content Writing

You may have heard that it takes a certain type of person to be a writer. While that may be true to some extent, you can achieve writing skills through practice. If you’re passionate about writing and content creation, listen up.

Content writing is a rewarding way to display your skills, build a portfolio, and gain knowledge. Different from copywriting, content writing is specializing in creating relevant content for businesses. Content is crucial for every business, and the market for this hustle is booming. If you’re familiar with content writing and want to take further steps, create a portfolio. Once you’ve created your portfolio, you can begin applying to job openings or even freelancing.

5. Thrifting

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If you have an eye for fashion and what sells, thrifting and reselling can be an enjoyable side hustle. Made popular through websites like Poshmark, reselling has become a pleasurable way to make money while doing something you enjoy. If you’re serious about thrifting, why not make a side hustle out of it?

Marketing your thrift business can be done through showing positive reviews, as well as asking friends to share your posts. Don’t stop there, though! You could even advertise your service locally and get the community engaged.

Of course, having a side hustle can help bring money to the table, but it can also do so much more! You can build your portfolio and brand, strengthen your skills, and elevate your knowledge. Are you ready to take on the challenge?

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