The wonderful thing about concepts is that they showcase fresh ideas, even if they never end up in a real business jet. Bespoke cabin designs allow the designers to display real imagination, without constraints, combining artistic and technical prowess into a new interior style.

Designs tend to be as wide-ranging as the designers themselves, but being bespoke, they must suit specific clients. On board an Airbus A320-Neo, Paris-based Alberto Pinto Design created a sleek interior combining luxurious woods and handmade carpeting with the occasional ornate feature that delivers a visual punch without overwhelming the entire cabin. The Pinto concept began as an idea, like many bespoke interiors, that was first conceptualized and then presented to the client. After making modifications, the client then chose to move ahead with the project and it became a paradigm-shifting charter aircraft. On the other hand, the bright, expansive 777 wide-body interior in the opening shot above by Austin, Texas-based MBG Design remains a work in progress, searching for the right owner.

At the end of the day, these concepts all attempt to push boundaries, not always aesthetically since some are safe designs created for corporate clients. But each designer is forced to present new ideas—sometimes wild and ostentatious, other times not so much—all within a defined interior space that serves as a blank canvas.

Here are four of our favorites.