For many luxury resorts, offering guests the chance to explore away from shore has become a way to distinguish themselves from their peers. Some of the world’s most idyllic hotels and far-flung island retreats have added boats to their lists of activities, or in other cases, water-based pursuits that range from sportfishing to sunset cruises.

Several resorts offer day tours aboard yachts that showcase the area’s natural wonders. These trips are also novel ways for landlubbers to dip a toe in the water and see why passionate boaters thrive on the ocean.

Other activities include conservation efforts that showcase the natural beauty of a destination, enabling guests to become actively involved in the preservation of wildlife. They’re also the type of one-off experiences, such as turtle tagging and swimming with whale sharks, that guests can’t organize without experts.

Here are 11 exceptional water-based excursions attached to some of our favorite resorts around the world.